The Regional YMCA of Western CT Mako Swim Club is an operating program of the Regional YMCA of Western CT, and is led by a professional coaching staff that is supported by a strong parents committee. The Mako Swim Team is supervised and structured by a YMCA Senior Director that implements the educational and training objectives for the program which are then executed by the YMCA Mako coaches.  The Senior Aquatics Director oversees the development of all levels and supervises all staff members associated with the program as well as the members of the Mako Parent Committee.  All team policies, with the exception of volunteer requirements, are set by the YMCA professional staff including the Branch Executive Director. 

The Mako Swim Team functions as a “YMCA” and “USA” swimming club, meaning the club participates within a local YMCA league and United States Swimming sanctioned events throughout the year. 

YMCA Swimming and Diving is part of the YMCA of the USA organization. United States Swimming is the National governing body for competitive swimming. They select the teams for all international meets, including the Olympics. USA Swimming grew out of AAU swimming when each sport under the AAU umbrella split out to form its own governing body. It has its headquarters in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center and is organized into 56 regional Local Swimming Committees (LSCs), which all follow the same technical rules but are in most ways autonomous. Our LSC is called Connecticut Swimming Inc. (CSI), and is run by parent and coach volunteers. If you are interested in becoming active in this organization, contact your squad Commissioner, the MPC Chair, or go to the Connecticut Swimming web site which can be accessed through a link on the Mako web site.

USA Swimming publishes a yearly rule book containing all the swimming rules, national time standards, and other useful information. If you would like to obtain a copy, contact USA Swimming at 719-578-4578. You may also download one for free at www.usa-swimming.org. Anyone joining USA Swimming as a non-athlete member receives a rule book as part of the membership fee. 

YMCA meets consist of "dual" meets between Y's, the Y league championship, and Y Nationals in late March/early April. Swimmers must be current, active members of the Y to compete in the Y championship meets. YMCA Swimming and Diving governs these meets. 

USA Swimming meets are usually significantly larger with many teams represented. They can often be multiple day events spanning 2-3 days. At the end of each season championship meets are held. More information pertaining to USA Swimming meets can be found in the Competition section of this handbook.

Professional Staff Info:

Executive Director: 
Gail Null / Email: [email protected] / Phone: 203-775-4444 ext 119

Senior Aquatics Director/ Head Coach:
Jason Paige / Email: [email protected] / Phone: 203-775-1077

Assistant Competitive Swimming Director/ Head Developmental Age Group Coach:
Sarah Basile / Email: sbasile @regionalymca.org / Phone 203-775-1077 Ext 153


Interested in joining the Mako Swim Team at the Regional YMCA of Western CT?  Please contact Gordon Brown, Associate Competitive Swimming Director (203) 775-1077 or [email protected]