Welcome to Three Rivers Swim Club!


Three Rivers Swim Club (TRSC), a Georgia non-profit corporation, was founded in 1994 by a group of parents who wanted to develop first-rate swimming opportunities for the youth of Rome and Floyd County. Centering its activities at the Rome High School pool, the club offers programs for young swimmers of various abilities, ranging from those who can swim just the length of a 25 yard pool to those who compete on the state and national levels.


TRSC is a member of USA Swimming, the national governing body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States. Based at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, USA Swimming serves 59 local swimming committees (LSCs), 2500 USA Swimming registered clubs, and 220,000 registered swimmers nation-wide. USA Swimming sanctions well-run local, state, regional, and national meets, held throughout the year. USA Swimming’s website, worth visiting, is

Dedicated to great athleticism,TRSC teaches its swimmers important realities about the process of mastering virtually anything. It makes members keenly aware that relentless practice, periodic discomfort, and dogged self-patience are critical elements of that process. At the same time, it helps them understand how important it is for them to balance within themselves the striving (for what they could be and do in the future) and the celebrating (of what they are and can do in the present).


The Sport of Swimming


Swimming is the medium TRSC provides young people to develop themselves. Swimming is an ideal sport for expanding aerobic endurance, flexibility and coordination. Through it one can shape for oneself a well-proportioned frame, develop previously unimagined fitness, increase one's intellectual energy, and open up a whole world of enjoyment.  Moreover, as the most injury-free of all children’s sports, swimming is a set of skills from which one can benefit throughout one's life, physically, mentally and socially.

For those who put in the time learning how to do it really well, swimming can also lead to a variety of practical opportunities. In the recreational arena, accomplished swimmers can go on to excel in such sports as open water swimming, triathlon, kayaking, canoeing, and scuba diving. They become well-prepared for Boy Scout and Girl Scout aquatic activities. They develop an awareness of what is and is not safe around water, and are in better position than many others their age to use common sense at the lake or beach.

In the employment realm, young adults who have spent several years of their youth in  USA Swimming programs end up with some of the key skills necessary for certain part-time and summer jobs. They often find opportunities as lifeguards, camp counselors, swimming instructors, and assistant coaches. Those who pursue careers in the military discover that their ease in the water, far from being commonplace, is in fact a major advantage in qualifying them for select units.


A Few TRSC Successes So Far


Although a young team, TRSC has achieved various successes that deserve quick note.

In the competitive realm, several TRSC swimmers have been Georgia age-group champions. Two TRSC swimmers have gone to Junior Nationals. Two TRSC swimmers have been ranked in the Top-16 nationally in various events. Several former TRSC swimmers have received college swimming scholarships. Many TRSC swimmers have qualified for the high school state championship. One TRSC swimmer was a four-time high school state champion.Three former TRSC swimmers have made the Olympic Trials.


In the non-competitive realm, hundreds of TRSC swimmers have become excellent and confident swimmers, individuals who are uniquely able to handle themselves in aquatic environments, both predictable and unpredictable. Many TRSC swimmers have learned, for the first time, the sheer fun of physical effort, competence and freedom of movement. TRSC swimmer after TRSC swimmer has, through consistent practice in the pool, energized the mind and calmed the body for more effective academic performance.

Similarly, several TRSC swimmers have, through their exercise regimen, stabilized their blood sugar imbalances and eliminated or reduced their need for medication. Lots of TRSC swimmers have inspired, through their example, their siblings, parents and friends to get in shape. Many TRSC swimmers, former "thrashers," have discovered the beauty, balance, rhythm, quiet power, and grace of good swimming. Finallly, all TRSC swimmers make their way into the future with more respect for themselves and others than they would otherwise feel.


Here to Serve


We, the members of TRSC's Board of Directors and the TRSC coaches, appreciate the opportunity to have helped, and to now help, many young people in northwest Georgia to discover and develop their abilities. We believe you should definitely consider becoming a TRSC swimming family. Many of TRSC's swimming families feel that joining TRSC was one of the best decisions they ever made. We are grateful for this and are determined to make you and your family feel the same way. See you at the pool!

Head Coach: Charlynn Baldwin (

President: Heather Clonts (

Vice President: Shannon Kennedy-Newby

Secretary: Amy Williams

Treasurer: Sheri Medley (