About Us

Who are the Otters?
The Otters Swim Team members are competitive swimmers from ages 4 to 18 years of age. Our swimmers begin in the learn to perfect strokes, set personal goals and work hard to achieve those goals. As they grow and mature, Otters learn to set and achieve goals and work hard for their personal best in a team environment. The Otters swim program helps develop healthy life skills that can be used throughout adulthood. We promote teamwork and good sportsmanship. We teach discipline and responsibility and we encourage strong work ethic. We also guide youth into productive use of their time and energy away from the bad influences present in today's society.

Why Swimming?
Swimming is considered by many physicians and pediatricians to be the ideal activity for developing muscular and skeletal growth. It enhances aerobic endurance, proportional muscular development, natural flexibility and coordination while being the most injury free of all children's sports. The Otters are a member of USA Swimming, the organization responsible for sending swimmers to the Olympics. USA Swimming is the largest program of guided fitness activity for children in America.

Our Purpose
(a) Our purpose is to encourage, promote, and train the youth of our communities in all kinds of field and athletic sports, with an initial concentration in swimming.

(b) We promote physical fitness and teach good patterns of physical development, proper conditioning, and proper health habits.

(c) We promote the involvement in age-group programs and provide an opportunity for members to compete in organized athletic competitions.

(d) We shall aid in promotion, encouragement and training of our members in statewide, national and international sports competition.

Where do we practice?

We primarily practice at the Norwell Middle School and the Bluffton Middle School.  Our schedule is listed on our Calendar.

When do the Otters swim?

The SCY season starts in September and runs through March.  Practices are usually from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm most evenings, with the 10 and Under swimmers practice for 1 1/2 hours so from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.  Swim times may be adjusted during the high school and middle school seasons, as the pool is shared with these teams.

What are the fees?
Fees for the Otters Swim Team are currently $30-$50 per month per swimmer, depending on their age.  All swimmers must be a member of USA Swimming, which covers insurance and liability, while your swimmer is at practice and/or meets.  This cost is included in your registration fee.   If a swimmer has proof of Free/Reduced Lunches, Hoosier Healthwise card or WIC, their USA Registration Fee may be reduced.  We will need copies of these cards and will check with Indiana Swimming for your swimmer's eligibility.  If you are eligible, ask a board member about a reduced Outreach Registration fee.

Scholarships may be available for swimmers who qualify, depending on team funds. We make every effort to ensure that money isn't an issue in preventing a swimmer from competing.  

Where are the meets at?

Most of our meets are within an hour or two of Bluffton, but we do travel to other venues throughout northern and central Indiana.  Meets are completely optional to attend.

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