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About the Club


Our Vision is to be finest program in Hemet and  San Jacinto Valley for developing and inspiring our members to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming.


The Hemet Valley Dolphins is a community based, family oriented organization dedicated to developing the whole child, emotionally, physically, and socially. The Mission of our team is to promote the health and welfare of our members through an organized program of competitive swimming and structured practices. Our competitive swim team emphasizes individual achievement as well as team effort. The coaching staff and directing board are dedicated to instilling, throughout our organization and membership, the ideals of honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship. We provide a structured swim program where success is measured individually by allowing each child to compete at all levels.


To educate our members about all aspects of competitive swimming
To develop strong leadership qualities and skills
To encourage an appreciation of aquatics sports
To promote a lifelong commitment to health and fitness
To teach the athlete to accept defeat and win with grace
To support and develop good sportsmanship as a team


The Hemet Valley Dolphins provides opportunities for all ability level swimmers, from beginning to nationally ranked swimmers. We strive to encourage swimmers to set and achieve their goals. We believe every child can gain from his or her experience whether or not he or she ever wins a single race. We feel the total experience should be an enjoyable one. The Hemet Valley Dolphins encourages everyone to strive for excellence. The real winner is the child who works hard, strives to reach the limit of his ability, and understands that hard work and dedication are the keys to success in life as well as swimming. Our objectives and goals are accomplished through the excellence of our coaching staff, parents and the dedicated board members of the Hemet Valley Dolphins.

History of the Hemet Valley Dolphins

The Dolphin Story

In August of 1960, the junior women’s club sponsored a one-time meet for the area youth. It was held at the old Devonshire Avenue High School 25 meter pool. The pool was built around 1928. At the same time, the Sallee Park Pool in San Jacinto had a group of swimmers being coached by Tim Burroughs. He was coaching swimmers as part of the summer swim program. The Junior Women’s club meet generated so much interest that the Hemet parents decided to form a swim team. There were about twelve swimmers in the beginning. Peggy Pallas was the head coach. The two swim teams joined forces in about 1962 to become the Valley Swim League Dolphins. Peggy and Tim coached the team. Back in those years, Hemet and San Jacinto had quite a rivalry. The founding parents were very proud of the fact the cities united in this youth organization. The original suit color was green. Mary Akin was head of the ribbon making. She enlisted Mr. Mikkelson (author of Mik, the comic strip) to sketch our original logo. The main fundraisers were a community pit barbeque and a pancake breakfast outside the old Welches Market.

Today, the Hemet Valley Dolphins (HVDA) is going strong. We have over 45 swimmers year round and over 150 swimmers in the spring and summer. We have trained thousands of swimmers over the past 45 years, including many regional and national swimmers. We currently compete in meets with two leagues. One is a year round league, Southern California Swimming, and the other is a spring/summer league, San Gorgonio. All meets are held on the weekends. The leagues are a source of learning, fun and healthy competition. Our team colors are Red, White and Blue. We are proud of our swim program. The Hemet Valley Dolphins have become a major influence in many lives over the years. We have swimmers whose parents were HVDA swimmers. We have had coaches who started swimming with HVDA when they were little swimmers and are now back to coach our kids. We are committed to working hard to maintain and constantly improve the Hemet Valley Dolphin Aquatic Program.