If you want to learn more about our swim team or want to join, please contact us at  (831)758-7301 or .  Or drop by the Salinas Aquatic Center for more information and registration.


MontereyCounty Aquatic Team / Salinas Valley Aquatics

NEW   MCAT Spring Practice Schedule begins Monday, February 1, 2016

Novice 1:  5:00-6:00pm (Mon-Thurs)  

Novice 2:  6:00-7:00pm (Mon-Thurs)  

Age Group:  5:00-6:30pm (Mon-Fri)    

Senior Group: 6:00-8:00pm (Mon-Fri)




Core Values:

            Producing Champions

            Embracing Competition 

Actions we Value:


            Maximizing Potential

            Providing a Positive Environment

            Providing a Safe Environment

            Making the Team Family Oriented

            Providing Recognition and Awards

            Providing a Fun Environment

            Providing Parent Education

            Providing Nutritional Education


Programs we Value:

            Promoting Lifetime Fitness and Wellness

            Community Instructional Programs

            Community Outreach

            Developing Collegiate Awareness


Values we Teach:

            Life Skills

            Goal Setting


            Development of Work Ethic


Administrative Values:



            Fiduciary Responsibility

            Community Awareness


Resources we Value:

            Professional Coaching Staff




Vision Statement


We foster the healthiest youth on the Central Coast.


Central Theme

Challenging you to reach higher than you ever thought.





The Monterey County Aquatic Team / Salinas Valley Aquatic endeavors to produce champions in swimming and in life by providing a competitive, positive, safe, and fun environment where each individual can maximize their potential.  We define competition as striving with others in a manner which is healthy and beneficial, and an important opportunity for the teaching of life skills such as goal setting, teamwork, sound nutritional habits, and the development of a work ethic.


We recognize that the producing of champions also requires continual mentoring, providing recognition and awards, and working with parents helping them to understand the process.  We further recognize the importance of helping our members to pursue their academic and swimming careers beyond high school and we develop various means for making them aware of collegiate opportunities.


Producing champions from the community carries with it the opportunity and the responsibility for promoting lifetime fitness and wellness and actively seeking to provide for and include residents from all socio-economic sectors in one or more of our instructional programs.  


To fulfill our mission we will continually enhance our professional coaching staff; promote, encourage, train, and recognize our volunteers; and develop new facilities.


The administration of our program requires continually maintained lines of communication, accountability, community awareness through promotions, publicity, political action, and fiduciary responsibility.


Proposed Objectives:



            Aquatic Facility

            Administrative facility

            Public relations








Accepted Objectives:



            Aquatic Facility

            Administrative facility


  • Swimmer Equipment

  1. Equipment needed for practice:

    Monterey County Aquatic Team/Salinas Valley Aquatics locations will provide interval training clocks, dry land equipment and practice log books.

    Swimmers are expected to provide their own:

    1.  goggles  (clear pair and tinted)
    2.  fins
    3.  towels
    4.  practice caps  ( at least 2)
    5.  mesh equipment bags
    6.  paddles
    7.  kick board
    8.  competitive style practice swim suit.   Cut offs, board shorts, bikini?s and under wear are not acceptable practice attire.  Swimmers may wear any color suit or swim cap for practice.  Suits should be of a comforatable fir for practice and many swimmers will wear two suits or a drag suit to increase resistance during practice.  The wearing of two suits is optional and is generally done by junior and above level swimmers.
    9. ear drops

    Practice equipment may be ordered through Norcal Swim Shop , or any other store selling competitive swim gear.  However, we do offer MCAT merchandise at better prices with the team logo at the Salinas Aquatic Center.  Your purchases at the Salinas Aquatic Center help support the team effort.  You may not reproduce or copy the team logo without the express written consent of the Head Coach/Aquatics Director.

    Swimmers will also need to purchase a racing suit.  Racing suits are usually used souly for that purpose, and are worn much tighter than practice suits to reduce drag.  Black is the preferred team color.  MCAT/SVA receives a group discount price for racing team suits.  At a minimum our athletes are expected to compete with the team cap at all USA Swimming sanctioned meets.  Suits and backpacks may be embroidered with the MCAT (blue) lettering logothe written authorization of the head coach .  Norcal Swim Shop does this at a team discount price when you order the team Speedo brand black racing or practice suits.  We also sell these suits at the Salinas Aquatic Center.

    Packing for a swim meet

    Packing for a swim meet is the responsibility of the swimmer.   You will be using the listed items, so you (the swimmer) need to pack it. Some of these items are intended for cold weather more than warm weather, but it is advisable to be ready for any climate at any meet.   The climate in California is subject to changing several times within a day.  It is smart to be prepared for any condition.

    The night before the meet, Pack:

    • Team Parka or Warm Jacket
    • Warm-up swimsuit
    • Team racing swimsuit to be worn after warm-ups
    • (2) Pairs of goggles, one to be used as a backup pair
    • Towels/ one per race
    • Sweat pants, fleece or flannel pants (a couple of pairs)
    • T-Shirt
    • Shorts
    • Sandals or slippers
    • Gloves or mittens
    • Warm boots or shoes and socks
    • Sunscreen
    • Water  (several bottles)
    • Heathy Snack foods
    • Heathly Lunch
    • Sports Drink (gatoraide)  or Cytomax
    • Baby powder to keep swim cap in good condition
    • Ear drops
    • Warm hat (beanie for winter, morning or night cold
    • Hat for shade during the hot or sunny weather
    • Sleeping bag or blanket for warmth
    • Fold up chair
    • Tarp, mat or small tent for keeping stuff on  or in and relaxing on
    • Plastic garbage sack for keeping things dry in the wet weather
    • Cards, home work, books, games
    • (2) Team caps (latex $5.00, to be purchased from Coach Dia)
    • Bring your smile and positive attitude with you to the meet

    Please put your name on all of your belongings and equipment with a permanent marker!

    Food:  There is usually a snack bar at most meets.  However, it is better to be prepared with some food of your own.  It also can be less expensive and you will then have foods that are best to your taste and personal nutritional requirements.  Soda, candy and foods containing high sugar or fat content should not be consumed by an athlete. Parents to Pack:  Chairs, books, EZ-up?, magazines, rain slicker, warm clothes in layers, cool clothes, swim log book for recording times, work or something to do.  Be prepared to volunteer a couple of hours a day at a meet to  time, officiate, or marshal.  Someone from the club will be asking you to sign up to help.  Your volunteering to help is appreciated greatly.

    Entering swim meets- We know that this is the most confusing of all the things we ask parents to do.  However our coaches can walk you through the process at the Salinas Aquatic Center or over the phone.  There are many different levels of competition, coach entered team meets, and parent/swimmer entered individual meets.  Please do not enter a meet without first speaking with your coach. Communication is essential between athlete,parent,and coach in this regard.