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2020 Registration

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EARLY BIRD Registration will begin March 1, 2020

($204 + Personalized Silicone Team Cap)

REGULAR Registration will open April 16, 2020



Team Information:  The Castle Crocs Swim Team was formed in 2006. The team is a member of and regulated by the Mountain Hi Swim League (MHSL).  This is a recreational league consisting of approximately 24 teams split into 4 divisions:  A, B, C, and D.  Placement for the current division is determined by numerous factors:  dual meet record, championship finish, number of swimmers on the roster, and number of All Star swimmers.  For the 2020 Season, the Crocs will be a part of the B Division.  For more info about the league and its bylaws, please visit

Team Philosophy: Our team provides a fun, healthy experience.  Every swimmer will have an equal opportunity to participate on the team in individual events and relays.  The team is recreational in nature, but does have competitions in the form of dual meets and end of season events showcasing the development and improvement of the swimmers. It is our objective to aid personal improvement in swimming skills.  In addition to the hard work that the swimmers and parents put in, we also plan to have plenty of FUN. 

Membership Requirements: Members must be residents of Castle Pines (North) and be between the ages of 5 and 18. Swimmers must be able to swim at least one length (25 meters) of the pool.  

Practice Schedule: We practice weekday mornings between 7:00 am and 9:00 am.  We hold two practice sessions each day, lasting 45 minutes (8 & Unders) to 1 hour.  Practices are held at both HOA#2 (7306 Oxford Dr.) and CPNII (Brambleridge/Monarch).  As a general guidline, our earlier practice focuses on our intermediate and advanced swimmers while the later practice is tailored to our intermediate/beginner swimmers. Note:  Practice levels are only guidelines and if special schedules require you to attend a different practice on a given day, that is acceptable.  Practices begin the Tuesday after Memorial Day and go until approximately mid-July.

Meet Participation: In the spirit of team unity, all swimmers must participate in a minimum of TWO meets per season. Swimmers will be required to attend at least one home meet and one away meet.  As members of the B Division, we will compete against the other B Division teams in separate dual meets on Saturdays throughout June, leading up to the B Division Prelims and Finals in July.  The season is capped off with a league-wide All Star meet. The 2020 meet schedule will be posted soon.

Crocs Swim Suits:  As always, team suits are not mandatory BUT fun to have.  We will do a team sizing on MAY 3 along with a MANDATORY parent meeting to kick off the season.

Volunteer Information: All swim teams rely on the parents to run the swim meets. Each family is required to fulfill volunteer requirements in order for their swimmers to participate. If your swimmer is competing in a meet, a family member or representative is required to volunteer and work half of that meet. Every family must complete a MINIMUM of two volunteer shifts per season (one first half and one second half shift).  Each family will be required to place a $300 check deposit as a volunteer guarantee with the Castle Crocs.  This check will be held, uncashed, until the end of the season and will be returned in its entirety if all volunteer requirements are fulfilled. If any requirements are not met, the check will be cashed and used to hire individuals to fill your positions. See Crocs Info/Volunteers for more info. For any additional questions, use the Contact Us link to have a parent board member respond.