Spring Clinic/Lessons


2018 Spring Stroke Clinic
March 5 - March 29:  Monday-Thursday (4x times a week, see clinic schedule below, $225 per swimmer)
This March, REST will be offering Spring Clinics. This is in addition to the normal swim season. During Clinics, we will be focusing primarily on refining and improving on stroke technique. This is designed for returning swimmers who already have experience with the four competitive strokes. The clinic is open to both Rats swimmers and swimmers from other swim teams.
The first week will be focused on freestyle. Week 2 will be backstroke. Week 3 will be for breaststroke, and week 4 will be butterfly. Depending on weather, the focus may switch around due to the amount of out of water practice involved in breaststroke.
Spring Clinics will be lead by Rats head coach Dow Stewart. Dow has nearly 20 years of swim coaching experience, and most recently led the Monte Vista Varsity Girls Swim Team to a NCS and State title in 2017.  
We encourage swimmers to take part in Clinics, even if the swimmer is involved in other activities and can't make 4 days a week. Clinics will provide solid stroke instruction, and  a foundation for the swim season. Swimmers must provide their own swim fins.
2018 Spring Clinic Schedule*
6 & Unders:    3:30 - 4 p.m.
7-8s:   4-4:30 p.m.
9-10s:  4:30-5:15 p.m.
11 & Ups:  5:15-6 p.m.
*Coaches reserve the right to modify the schedule based on number of participants and swimmers ability level
**All swimmers are required to provide their own swim fins, which can be purchased at NorCAL swim shop, Sports Basement or online. Please see coaching staff with questions. 
2018 Flip Turn Clinic
During the weekends in March,  REST will also be offering turn clinics for 9 and Ups. You do not need to be a participant in Spring Clinics to participate in Flip Turn Clinic. Please check back for more information as the season approaches; sign-ups will be in mid February. 
2018 Spring Private Lessons 
Several members of the REST staff will be offering spring lessons. This is a great way to get a new or younger swimmer ready for swim team, or to test the "waters" to see if they might enjoy the swim experience. Also great for returning swimmers to get a jump on the season and to refine their strokes! REST will be using Sign-Up Genius to post and sign up for lessons. Please go to the lesson page on the team website to sign up for lessons if you are interested. 
Please remember that per County rules, each swimmer is allowed a maximum of 15 hours of clinics/lessons between Jan. 1 and April 9. It is up to the swimmer and parent to keep track of the time and make sure each swimmers does not go over the 15 hour mark.
Also note that per County rules, prior to April 9 coaches are not allowed to focus on conditioning, only stroke refinement. Please keep in mind when scheduling your swimmers time, and ask a REST staff or board member if you have questions.