Our Mission

The Breckenridge Breaker Swim Team is a recreational swim team, providing a safe, fun, summer sport for our children. The swim team is open to children ages 5-18 with basic swimming ability and a desire to learn.

The Breckenridge Breaker Swim Team is a member of the NSC: Naperville Swim Conference, a group of 22 Naperville area teams which participate in dual meets throughout the summer season.

The Breckenridge Breaker Swim Team is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer group of swimmer’s parents supported by but not directly affiliated with the Breckenridge Homeowners Association.

The Breckenridge Breaker Swim Team seeks to provide the opportunity for:

  • Breckenridge children to swim on a neighborhood team that promotes fun, friendly competition and camaraderie with their friends both inside and outside of their subdivision.
  • The children to better their swim strokes in an environment where support, respect and courteous behavior are modeled encouraged and expected.
  • Every swimmer to have the chance to succeed both individually and in a team format in order to help build self esteem and confidence.
  • Every swimmer to better understand and appreciate the sport of swimming.
  • Breckenridge parents to support their children’s athletic endeavors and network with current friends and to meet new ones.


Swimmer Handbook

Link above to download for the complete Breckenridge Breakers Swimmer Handbook