Team Philosophy
The Swim Club (TSC), formally South Riding Winter Swim, was founded in 2000, as a year round conditioning and developmental training program. Committed to providing personalized instruction, while increasing endurance and improving stroke mechanics. The Swim Club evolved to include a USA Swimming component, TSC Torpedoes to elevate the level of competition while maintaining the core values of The Swim Club -- the life-long benefits of competitive swimming are of great value and that swimmers of all ages can train, compete, maximize their potential, and enjoy the sport. TSC Torpedoes was founded on community values and continues to operate the same way, emphasizing sportsmanship and camaraderie in a safe and positive enivornment for the young athlete.

Our Business
TSC Torpedoes is a locally owned and operated swim program for the youth of Dulles area.  Originally designed to be an extension of the summer swim program of the South Riding Stingrays, the program has grown from 20 swimmers in 2001 to 250 in 2010. Unfortunately for 2020-2021, The Swim Club has suspended operations due to restrictions. However, Torpedoes will be open to swimmers ages 9-18 in the Dulles South and Loudoun Communities!

What do you swim 4?
TSC Torpedoes asks the questions so often overlooked....what do you swim for?  We believe every swimmer should know what they are working towards.  
I swim 4 speed....
I swim 4 fun....
I swim 4 love of the water...
I swim 4 endurance......

What we swim 4?

We swim for love of the sport! Our program goal is for swimmers to develop a love of the sport which will carry with them long after the days of summer and high school swimming end - life long swimmers!!! 

What we believe?
We believe, it's what you do with your time in the water that counts!