Welcome to the British Columbia Swim Coaches' Association (BCSCA). This website provides news and information that pertains to swimming coaches in BC. It also provides a forum for coaches to input their views on issues affecting our sport.

The BCSCA is the voice of swim coaches in BC. The association has voting representation on the Swim BC Board of Directors, Swim BC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and the Canadian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (CSCTA).

All Swim BC sanctioned clubs must register all their coaches with Swim BC and the BCSCA. This is done via your club's registrar with Swimming Natation Canada.

The BCSCA consists of four regions:


The purposes of the Society are:

1. To provide leadership in the field of competitive swimming in BC and the Yukon;
2. To provide educational opportunities to members including but not limited to:

  • written communication
  • forums
  • clinics
  • seminars;

3. To promote professionalism among swim coaches in BC and the Yukon through adherence to the governing bodies' code of conduct and code of ethics;
4. To provide guidance, advice, and direction in the field of competitive swimming, including but not limited to:

  • Swim BC Board of Directors
  • Swim BC Staff
  • Swim BC Technical Advisory Committee
  • CSCTA Board of Directors;

5. To foster cooperation internally between coaches, officials and parents;
6. To establish and maintain partnerships with support groups and sponsoring organizations
7. To promote the sport of competitive swimming

Bylaws (as of October 24, 2017)


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