About Ozark Swimming

VISION:  Ozark Swimming shall create an environment to foster the success of its members.

MISSION:  Ozark Swimming is dedicated to serving its members through education and programs while demonstrating leadership, integrity, commitment, and respect.

The geographic territory of Ozark Swimming is the state of Missouri east of, and including, the counties of Scotland, Knox, Shelby, Monroe, Ralls, Pike, Montgomery, Osage, Miller, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Douglas and Ozark, and in the state of Illinois, the counties of Calhoun, Greene, Jackson, Jersey, Madison, St. Clair and Monroe. 

Download a copy of the Ozark bylaws by clicking here. To view minutes of House of Delegates and other committee proceedings click here.

Central Zone Board of Review

The Ozark Hall of Fame (in progress)

Board of Directors & Officers

General Chair Bob Rettle(20) 618-407-7665
Financial Vice Chair Todd Thomason (21)  
Administrative Vice Chair Andy Allman (20) 314-724-2126
Treasurer Trish Grant (21) 618-570-6117
Secretary Andrea Slaughter (20) 760-409-4959
Registration/Membership Gussie Crawford (21) 314-434-3397
Age Group Chair Kyle Renne (21)  
Senior Chair Jon David Williford (21)  
Technical Planning Dave McCrary (20)  
Coaches Representative Derek Shipp (21)
Mary Jane Woehler (20)
Safety Committee Chair Diana Rosen (21)  
Safe Sport Coordinator Diana Rosen (21)  
Open Water Chair Thomas Huggins (21) 618-457-1103
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Senior Athlete Representative    
Junior Athlete Representative Parker Hagemann (20)  
Junior Athlete Representative Emily O'Connell (20)  
Junior Athlete Representative Anna Schroeter (20)  
Junior Athlete Representative Devon Tallent (20)  
Member-at-large Jeff McCoskey (21)  
Member-at-large Melinda Montgomery (20)  636-939-2386
Member-at-large Diana Rosen (20)  
Officials Chair Steve Grimm (21)  
Diversity/Outreach Chair Brian Perkins (21)  
Club Development Mary Liston 636-891-6635
SWIMS Tabulator Angie Dorsey 314-852-5216
Stop Watches Michelle White 636-578-8847
Overachievers Lisa Rener 636-792-7024
Records Mark Imig 314-727-7946
Website Trish Grant 618-570-6117