About Sigma

A message from our founder Dr. Andrew Ha

Dear Sigma Swimming Seeker,

Welcome to the fastest growing aquatics program in Tarrant, Johnson, and Parker Counties! You have come upon what was once a hidden jewel but is now a well-known source for aquatic excellence.

Sigma has become well-respected for its experience, quality, vision, passion, and innovation in the field of aquatic instructional services. We are an established organization whose mission moves us to continually improve the quality of our curriculum and instruction.

Sigma Experience is the 200 years of combined in and out of water experience that our coaches and instructors possess. We all love teaching. We all love swimming. We all love teaching swimming. Our athletes have: (1) Qualified for Olympic Trials; (2) Qualified for Junior Nationals; (3) Achieved Top-16 national rankings; (4) Achieved Texas Age Group Swimming (TAGS) championships; (5) Qualified for USA Swimming Sectionals; (6) Been finalists at the Texas High School State Swimming championships; (7) Been Texas High School Regional champions; and (8) Been Texas High School District champions.

Sigma Quality is having the wisdom to know that technique is the most important component of any aquatics program. This is reflected in our overall approach towards swimming, which begins with: (1) Mastery of correct stroke technique and efficiency; (2) Mastery of correct breakouts, turns, and finishes; (3) Mastery of correct race preparation; and (4) Goal setting. We only increase yardage after our minimum quality criteria are met. Our goal with increased distance swum is to reinforce correct swimming habits rather than repeating bad ones.

Sigma Vision. We think big. We dream big. We avoid resting on our laurels. We continue to set higher standards of excellence. Regardless of age, ability, or interest level, all of our swimmers are included in the Sigma Swimming Vision. With each swimmer who joins us, we build upon our mission statement of being, "The sum of all aquatic elements."

Sigma Passion. We love what we do. Our swimmers get the best that we have to offer. Our passion inspires us to not only be exceptional coaches to our swimmers but to also strive to be exceptional role models. We are passionate about our quality of instruction. We are passionate about our influence in our swimmers' lives. We are passionate about high-caliber competition. We are passionate about our organization. We truly love what we do... and it shows.

Sigma Innovation is demonstrated in our progressive approach to swimming instruction. We do things differently because our methods work. We give our swimmers the tools and skills to succeed. We teach our swimmers to become independent learners. Our swimmers teach and learn from each other. Our swimmers are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. We aid our swimmers in thinking outside of the box. We aid our swimmers in transferring their swimming to their daily lives. Our coaches and swimmers strive to innovate as both teachers and students.

I personally invite you to visit us, meet our coaches, meet our swimmers, and meet our families.

I invite you to meet SIGMA!

Dr. Andrew Ha