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Welcome to Mississauga Swimming!  Mississauga Swimming offers two levels of swimming, namely a competitive group (MSSAC) and a development group (WAVE).

Mississauga Swimming Wave Program, is our development stream designed to suit a variety of ages and abilities. Your swimmer will experience some of the many drills and skills required to perform the four competitive strokes, as well as work on improving their endurance and technical swimming skills.This program is led by qualified coaches.  

Mississauga Aquatic Club, or MSSAC, is the competitive stream and offers programs for club swimmers from youth to national training. Program training involves 3 - 10 practices per week, depending on swimmer ability and age.  For a description of each program, please refer to the Group Description.   Pleae   .....     

If you are interested in joining our Club, please see our membership page, call us at  905-822-SWIM (7946), or send us an email at 

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Mississauga Aquatic Club ("MSSAC") is to teach the principles of sport-culture and to pursue excellence in all endeavours. Our vision is to become a full service advanced swimming organization that meets the needs of the community, the Province of Ontario, and Canada. The Club seeks to lead with excellence from the top to the bottom, and teach excellence from the bottom to the top.

The fitness and competitive program is organized into a group structure that reflects the psychological, physiological and sociological development of young children through to late adolescence. These principles have been outlined in a booklet called the Canadian Swimming Development Model published by Swimming Canada. It is available from Swim Ontario. Each group within the Club serves a distinct purpose and contributes in an integral way to the overall club development process.

At all times, we maintain a strong commitment to academic and athletic excellence. As a result, many MSSAC student-athletes qualify for both academic and sports scholarships at leading universities in both Canada and the United States. We make every effort to assist student-athletes and their families to reach their sport and academic goals, including providing assistance with negotiations with university recruiters.

Our Mission

The Mississauga Aquatic Club provides progressive programs and offers competitive skills development and advanced competitive training opportunities for Mississauga youth. Our high calibre training also encourages excellence in swimming, good sportsmanship, team spirit and academic success. We strive to support all members through their years of development to enjoy the great sport of competitive swimming.


Policies are designed to ensure that everyone understands their roles & responsibilities.  These policies extend to swimmers and parents/guardians.  Each year the Club reviews its policies and strives for continuous improvement.  Members review & agree to these policies each year as part of the registration process.