Brownsville Aquatics Family Service Hours Policy

               As a condition of your membership with Brownsville Aquatics Swim Team, it is required that each swim family dedicate a specific amount of service hours assisting the team with running meets & other activities for our swimmers. The service hour’s policy has been implemented by Brownsville Aquatics Board of Directors effective April, 2012.  

               The success of Brownsville Aquatics is dependent on the participation of all parents. We host several meets each year and some social events, all of which necessitate many hours of work.  Our Service Hours program require parents to take an active role in their child’s swimming which means each family will be responsible for the operation of our swim club. WE NEED YOU TO PARTICIPATE!

               Each active account with Brownsville Aquatics, regardless of number of swimmers registered under, is required to complete 15 service hours within one year period as explained below.  

               The Family Service Hours Program runs from January 1 to December 31 and the billing rate is $15 per hour for any time “owed” to the team as of December 31.  However, if you fulfill the hour’s requirement then no additional dollars are “owed” to the team. Also, excess hours are not carried over to the following year. Hours are earned via jobs for helping with club operations, club support, and swim meet operations. For swim meet operations, hours credited are for home meets only. Parents are expected to help with timing, officiating, and general swim meet operations at home meets.

               The primary way to earn your service hours is to sign up for jobs that are necessary to run a swim meet. Job opportunities for home swim meets are advertised on the team website prior to the beginning of each meet. An email is sent to all active accounts informing parents about upcoming swim meet with link in the body of the email to jobs sign up page. There two main jobs categories; volunteering time and purchasing/donating items required for hospitality room and/or concessions.  Every job that involves running a swim meet is accompanied by a time hour credit. Time credits for swim meet jobs vary according to the size and duration of the level of swim meet. When you log into the website and click on the event/meet you are interested in, the job opportunities will be listed for the meet as well as the time hour credit. Please contact Debbie, our team treasurer, in case of any discrepancies in number of hours credited to account.

               If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Board members. As noted above, the success of BAS is dependent on the participation of all parents.  We really need parents’ time and efforts. We do not want people to “owe” time at the end of December when there are so many opportunities for everyone to benefit from parental involvement. WE NEED YOU TO PARTICIPATE!

Brownsville Aquatics Board of Directors.