A Youth Summer Program by

The Chinquapin Wahoos

The Sports Recreation Department is a partner with the Chinquapin Park Recreation Center Aquatics Division in providing the Wahoo Swim Program staff support, enthusiasm, responsiveness, and involvement in the planning and implementation of the program.

The Wahoos swim team is part of the Colonial Swim League (CSL), which was founded in 1962 to sponsor competitive swimming among community swimming organizations in Northern Virginia.

The CSL currently consists of 24 swim teams divided into four divisions based on competitive strength.  The Wahoos compete against other teams in the Gold division at Saturday “A” or dual meets.  Wahoo swimmers also compete in “B” or developmental meets on Wednesday evenings.  Some meets will be at our pool (home) and some will be at other pools (away).


The mission of the Wahoos swim team is to encourage participation, fitness, health and the lifelong pursuit of excellence through competitive swimming.


To produce athletes that will help to make the Wahoos a competitive team in the Colonial Swim League through skill development, values and work ethics which are consistent with a high performing swimmer and a well-rounded person. We strive to develop self-confident, goal-oriented team members, who will become productive adults with a lifelong love for the sport of swimming.


While "winning" can be important, learning to improve and striving to succeed are of greater importance as part of a positive competitive experience. We encourage everyone to be a part of a supportive team atmosphere where goals are set toward self-improvement and where helping our teammates become part of the nature of being a Wahoo.


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