Triton Swimming has programs run out of the Leduc Regional Rec Centre and the S&D Aquafit Centre in Beaumont and serves the entire district of Leduc and surrounding areas.

Triton swimming is swimmer centered and coach driven. The coaches are here first and foremost for the swimmers and to promote the sport of swimming. The coaches are Chartered professionals in the field of swim coaching who have worked with athletes from developmental to International performers.

Triton Swimming will allow your child to develop as a swimmer, student and as a person through a team culture of self-discipline, teamwork and success.

It is a competitive swimming opportunity designed by a chartered professional coach, award winning coach and local teacher with programs that will allow you to strive for your Olympic goals or just to get your feet wet and see what competitive swimming is all about with a great group of kids in a fun, positive environment.

We have competitive and noncompetitive programs for kids 4 to 104 years of age, so if you love to swim and would like to learn to swim better please give us a call.