To provide an opportunity for each swimmer to attain his/her potential in competitive swimming. In pursuit of this goal, it is our belief that each swimmer will benefit from the following;

1.Character Development - understanding the value of hard work and commitment, learning to contribute to the team effort, and enhancing one's self-image.

2. Internal Rewards - experiencing the unique satisfaction that follows a 100% unconditional commitment. We encourage swimmers to set reasonable and logical goals and to strive for excellence even when they experience short-term set backs.

3.Competitive Attitude - you are competing with yourself. Individual improvement is more important than you place in the race. At the same time, consideration for fellow teammates, opponents, officials, coaches and parents is just as important as how you swim. We encourage support for others, positive attitudes and good sportsmanship.


With the growing interest in swimming the Novi Sturgeons Swim Club was formed in the summer of 2001.  Since its foundation its training philosophy has emphasized both strength and speed. Each year the club has seen steady progress in the development of its swimmers.

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