Our mission is to help our athletes thrive as confident, fit, and technically proficient swimmers.  We nurture a life-long love of swimming by creating an environment where competition, team spirit, and personal growth flourish.


Practice is a central focus of the swimmer’s experience.  Consistent and focused practice is the single most important thing a swimmer can do to improve their swimming skills and physical capacity.  We believe that talent is not a fixed characteristic, and that attendance, effort and enthusiasm are a successful formula to help swimmers achieve positive outcomes.  We emphasize a long-term process to alleviate anxieties related to short-term goals.  There is no short-cut to the results we seek. For new swimmers, our coaches focus primarily on developing physical coordination and foundational technical elements through consistent repetition of core skill sets.  More intense physical training occurs as swimmers develop.  At every level, we strive to provide a fun and growth-oriented environment.


An essential facet of swimming is setting goals and working to achieve them in meets.  We work with each swimmer to set season goals and prepare our athletes to achieve them in meets throughout the year.  We therefore ask for strong meet participation, which also creates a fun team atmosphere.


Having the right equipment is essential for competitive swim training.  All swimmers regardless of age or ability are required to bring the following equipment to each practice: snorkel, pull buoy, kick board, and fins in a pool deck mesh bag (note that the links to these equipment examples may not be the right size/brand for your athlete -- please find the right sized equipment on SwimOutlet.com or by asking our gear partner K&B Sportswear).  Kids 11 and older are also required to have hand paddles.  These training tools will be incorporated into practice each day, and kids without this equipment will not be able to do the technique drills correctly.  Equipment should be purchased in time for use at the first day of preseason and/or regular season practice.  They can be purchased on SwimOutlet.com or through our gear partner K&B Sportswear.  SwimOutlet.com offers a variety of brands and sizes for your young athlete, and K&B Sportswear can answer any questions about sizes and products.

All swimmers must wear a Red Waves team swimsuit at swim meets.  Swimsuits should be tight-fitting to allow the swimmer to achieve their best times.  Swimsuits should only last one season and older suits may be worn for practice.