The Blue Marlins are a year round competitive swim team for those aged 6-21. We are associated with the Buehler YMCA in Palatine Illinois.  The team is geared for all types of swimmers, from beginner to national level. Our coaches are all accomplished swimmers with a lot of coaching experience with all levels of swimmers. We compete against other YMCAs in the Chicagoland area as well as USA Swim Clubs from around the state and participate in 15-20 meets per season. We will be swimming both YMCA and USA but our focus and emphasis is still on YMCA swimming. We treat swimming as a vehicle for character development, and believe that work should be balanced by fun (we want our swimmers to enjoy the sport throughout their lives).

In addition to the normal competitive seasons, we offer special stroke clinic sessions, where the emphasis is on developing efficient and technically correct stroke technique for both distance and sprint racing, and start/turn/finish technique. All competitive strokes are covered.


YMCA All Americans

Kristin Anderson

Grace Grzybek

USA Swimming Scholastic All Americans

Grace Grzybek

Team Championships

2016 Girl's 8 & Under Illinois YMCA State Swimming Champions

2016 Girl's 8 & Under Chicago District Champions

2015 Women's 21 & Under Chicago District Champions

2013 Boy's 11-12 Chicago District Champions

2013 Women's 13-14 Chicago District Champions

2012 Chicago District Summer Boy's Team Champions

2012 Girl's 11-12 Chicago District Champions

2012 Men's 13-14 Chicago District Champions

2011 Chicago District Summer Champions

2011 Chicago District Combined Champions

2011 Girl's 9-10 Chicago District Team Champions

2011 Boy's 9-10 Chicago District Team Champions

2010 Chicago District Summer Champions

2009 Chicago District Summer Champions

2009 Girl's 8 & Under Chicago District Team Champions

2008 Boy's 8 & Under Illinois/Missouri Area Team Champions

2008 Girl's 8 & Under Chicago District Team Champions

2005 Chicago District Summer Champions

Blue Marlins Mission
Blue Marlins Swim Team seeks to provide an opportunity for all swimmers, regardless of age or ability, to reach their highest personal potential as both a person and athlete. Our teaching system emphasizes the core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility while encouraging young people to develop the character and self-discipline necessary to succeed not only in swimming but also in life away from the pool.

Our Vision
To Develop Today’s Swimmers to be Tomorrow's Leaders