Winter Team

Swim Evaluations for NEW Swimmers

All NEW swimmers (this includes anyone trying out for Stroke & Conditioning Academy, Winter Team or Year Round Competitive Swim Team) are asked to attend an evaluation with our Head Coach Kelly Burk and her staff.  Swimmers that have previously been in Stroke & Conditioning, Winter Team, Summer Team or Spring Clinic DO NOT have to come to an evaluation) Evaluations will be held at the Outdoor Pool on August 22nd, August 23rd and August 29th from 5:30-7:00pm. If you cannot attend one of these nights, please contact Coach Kelly  at to schedule an evaluation.   All evaluations must be completed before August 30th to guarantee a spot in the Stroke & Conditioning or the Winter Team. 

All swimmers will be evaluated on their abilities in order to determine whether they meet the requirements to be on our Winter Team/Year Round Competitive Academy.  Swimmers will be assessed on their abilities in order to be placed in the proper practice group.  Practice groups will be emailed out by September 4, 2018. 

Welcome to the KAY Sea Dragons Swim Team

The Kennett Area YMCA Sea Dragons Swim Team provides an opportunity for children to enjoy competitive swimming in a safe, fun, and friendly atmosphere. The home for the Sea Dragons is 101 Race Street, Kennett Square PA 19348. Like all YMCA sports programs, YMCA competitive swimming and diving programs are based on the Judeo-Christian values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. The KAY Sea Dragons embrace the principles and values of the YMCA and, in conjunction with the YMCA of the USA and the YMCA of the Greater Brandywine help swimmers do the following:

  • Grow personally. Build self-esteem and self-reliance.
  • Build character. Behave according to the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.
  • Appreciate diversity. Respect people of different ages, abilities, incomes, races, religions, cultures and beliefs.
  • Become better leaders and supporters. Learn the give-and-take necessary to work toward the common good.
  • Have fun…enjoy life!

The coaching staff of the KAY Sea Dragons work to create a program that meets these goals by:

  • Working with every swimmer; giving equal attention to the most highly skilled and least skilled swimmers on our team
  • Working on basic skills and teaching good physical fitness habits. We aim to help athletes become conscious of proper stroke techniques and racing strategies, and commit to demonstrate the importance of proper fitness habits such as warm-up and conditioning exercises, as well as talking to our swimmers about diet, rest and involvement in other sports.
  • Teaching fair play.
  • Helping swimmers set and evaluate individual goals. Competing against oneself is the best way to improve skills and enhance self-esteem. All those involved in our program are encouraged to measure their skills, set goals for the future, and work to reach those goals.
  • Keeping winning in perspective. Winning meets and events is just one of many goals for the KAY Sea Dragons Swim Team. More importantly we measure success by how well we develop the all around athlete and meet the goals listed above.
  • Encouraging lifetime fitness. Swimming is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime, and if it remains fun will remain a part of good physical well-being.
  • Working with the whole person: spirit, mind and body. Physical fitness is important, but so are mental attitudes and spiritual growth: YMCA sports programs emphasize overall personal development.

The Kennett Area YMCA Sea Dragons Program

The KAY Swim Team is a year-round competitive program. The year is divided into two seasons, the short course and long course season. The short course season runs from the beginning of September through the YMCA Short Course Nationals in April. During this time, competitions are held in short course pools, either 25 yards or meters. The short course season begins with practices in September concentrating on stroke technique, and progressing through various training phases as the season progresses. Beginning in late October/ early November the Sea Dragons typically begin their competitive schedule of dual meets and invitational meets.

The long course season starts in April and runs through YMCA Long Course Nationals in August. The Long Course program is aimed at preparing swimmers to compete in a 50 meter pool (however, we practice in a 25 yard or 25 meter pool on site). The KAY Swim Team participates in YMCA and USA Swimming long course meets.  After YMCA Long Course Nationals, the program takes a break until the next winter season that begins in September.

Our team subscribes to the YMCA of the USA guidelines for competitive swimming and is also a registered member of USA Swimming. Our athletes, who qualify, will be able to compete in dual meets, mini meets, invitational meets, including Winterfest, and the Charlie Hartley meet, as well as, District, State and National competitions. We also participate in a YMCA Championship meet for swimmers who are not yet at a level that qualifies for the YMCA District Championships and beyond.


2018-2019 Practice Group Descriptions

2018-2019 Practice Schedule

Updated July 5, 2018.