Team Information

Menlo Aquatics Philosophy
Menlo Aquatics is a year round swim team which aims to create a swimming community that is extremely positive about being in and around the water. We emphasize learning sound techniques through our committed and competent coaches in a pleasant and positive environment. With a team focused  on individual success in the sport of swimming while helping athletes build their character around team and community, Menlo Aquatics athletes receive the best quality of coaching, instruction, and fun at all levels.
Menlo Aquatics Mission
To give the necessary tools and guidance to our swimmers to allow each one to become functioning, productive, and passionate members of society while pursuing excellence through the sport of swimming. 
The Menlo Aquatics program is for ages 5 to 18 years, and has three main objectives:
  1. Develop and foster a desire for life-long aquatic involvement.
  2. Refine swim skills in all four strokes including turns, starts, and relays.
  3. Instill the desire to improve ability through work, experience, and technique.
We create passionate swimmers using two steps:
  1. Fundamentals — For passionate swimmers to blossom, they must have sound and solid swimming technique fundamentals. The ease and joy of water activity is enhanced with efficient body movement patterns. We will not compromise this step ever from our Swim School, lessons elite, Menlo Aquatics USA team, and the Summer Mavericks programs.
  2. Diversity — Always offering a varied and changing menu of swim activities that challenges and engages the individual to progress, develop, and evolve as swimmers.  Speed, rankings, and times are not necessarily the prime driving motivator behind our philosophy.
We strive to develop self-esteem, cardio vascular fitness as well as strength, flexibility, and balance.  By offering all these items we hope to create a swimmer whose attendance consistency is high.

We believe that if the swimmer is having fun ... they will continue to participate.
We believe that if the swimmer participates ... they will progress.
We believe that if the swimmer progresses ... they will increase their self-confidence.
We believe that if the swimmer's self-confidence is high ... they will become passionate swimmers.
We believe that if a swimmer is passionate ... they are a positive team member.
Team Evaluations:
      Wednesdays, 6:30pm starting August 22, 2018