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Philosophy: The New Mark Swim Team provides a fun and competitive swimming program in a community atmosphere. This is a developmental program designed for the benefit of all swimmers of all abilities.


1) Provide qualified swimming instruction for a team member, which is accomplished by contracting with qualified coaches.

2) Provide a chance for each swimmer to perform to the best of their ability in as many events as possible.

Organization: A volunteer board manages and organizes the New Mark Swim Team. The board is responsible for contracting qualified coaches, providing practice and home meet facilities, managing team finances, coordinating volunteers and maintaining team membership in the Northland Swim Conference. The team By-Laws contain a description of each of the seven board positions. Board members are appointed by the present board for the next season and approved by the membership at the first meeting.  A copy of the by-Laws may be requested from any board member.

For questions and general inquiries, please email .

The NEW MARK SWIM AND DIVE TEAM ASSOCIATION OF KANSAS CITY MISSOURI (d/b/a NEW MARK SWIM TEAM) is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal EIN is 43-1317216.  The amount of any contribution for which no goods or services are provided is deductible for federal income tax purposes.  This would potentially include fundraiser buyouts, contributions to the Swim-A-Thon and and other direct contributions.  Please contact for a receipt.

This can be used when purchasing items on behalf of the New Mark Swim Team.

TAX EXEMPT >>>>>>      /recnnnmsst/UserFiles/File/New%20Mark%20Tax%20Exempt%20Certificate.pdf

New Mark Swim Team Code of Conduct linked below


2019 Board Members


Kris Roberts



Geoff Reno

Kim Bernhardt


Stephanie Shugart


Bridget Schroeder

Volunteer Coordinator

Jen Schulz


Conference Reps

Kristen Wright
Sandra Segers

Laura Graybill



2019 Volunteer Committee Chairs


Kelly Martin



Team Spirit



Team Pictures

Rob Wiggs

CommonManDigital Photography
Coach Appreciation


Officials Coordinator

Stacey Williamson

Awards Picnic


Concessions Julie Ingam  
Post-Meet Gatherings    
Awards Kim Bernhardt  
Friday Fun Swim/ Meet Ribbons    

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