The NorthWest Branch Dolphins was one of the earliest teams in the fledgling Montgomery County Swim League, the MCSL, after the league was first formed in the early Sixties. NWB and the Dolphins have played a vital role in the sport in the area ever since. You're now looking at the one of the most recent incarnations of the team. And what a terrific group it is. But this is also an organization with a rich tradition and a grand heritage.

This page is the launching pad to a fascinating journey in which you can learn everything you could want about today's team and why you should be in the swim if you're not already, plus you'll meet some of the great names of Dolphins past. Just settle back and follow the links (at the top and throughout) for a magical mystery tour.

As the veterans in this photo will attest, being on the team is great fun for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

The Dolphins practice daily throughout the summer, under the supervision of experienced and accomplished coaches. Age-group meets are scheduled at both A and B levels of competition, so every athlete gets to swim at the appropriate levels of skill and experience.

In addition to meets and practice, team members and their families participate in many fun-filled activities throughout the summer. If you have any questions, please drop an email to the Swim Team Reps.

Dolphins 'Theme'

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NorthWest Branch began when gas cost 30 cents a gallon, a stamp was 5 cents, the big movie release of the year was “Mary Poppins,” milk was 95 cents a gallon and the top hit song of the year was “Bread and Butter” by The Newbeats. The top-rated television show was “Bonanza” and an average house cost $20,500. The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series in the seventh game against the New York Yankees. That was 1964.