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Who We Are
Our club membership has traditionally included swimmers from ages 6 and up who live primarily in the Campbell River area. These are athletes, both beginner and experienced who challenge themselves to be the best they can be, in a team supported environment.

We run two programs throughout the seasons, both of which are overseen by our Head Coach Jim Campbell and Assistant Head Coach Sarah MacDonald.

Swim School - The CRKW "I CAN SWIM" program provides our younger swimmers with the opportunity to learn new skills in a fun, safe and positive environment. We hope to teach a love for the water, as well as create a technical base which will help them excel as they move on in the Killer Whales Program.

Killer Whales Swim Club- Becoming a CRKW swimmer allows young athletes to develop more advanced swimming skills to complement the foundation that they have created in all 4 strokes. Here the focus will be on skill development, as well creating a love for the sport, and to continue to gain the confidence needed to excel in the sport of competitive swimming. Swimmers that join the swim club will compete at the Regional, Provincial, National and International level as they make their way through the program. As much as we hope every swimmer will excel as they grow through the program, we also put a huge focus on providing the life lessons and skills needed to excel as a well rounded individual outside of the pool as well.

Where We Train
Our swim club trains out of the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex which is located at 222 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River. There is a 6 lane, 25 meter pool and a fully equipped weight room facility. Please check out the Group Calendars tab to have a look at what the different group schedules look like.



It  has long been recognized, that competitive swimming, and the countless hours of practice it ultimately requires, is one of the healthiest activities for the human body. In addition, it has not been sufficiently heeded, those same hours of conditioning and dedication mold young minds and spirit into purposeful and determined adults, well equipped for the world they will enter. The Campbell River Killer Whales Swim Club’s Philosophy is:

  • To nurture the whole child at every age and realizing that each one is different, allow each to develop as far as their dreams, talents and efforts will take them.

  • To provide a level of coaching that will lead the development of world-class
    swimmers, should they desire, while at the same time allowing beginner swimmers to develop character, self-confidence and a strong work ethic in an atmosphere of caring and consideration for the individual and the team.

  • To provide the swimmers the opportunity to learn sportsmanship while being part of a supportive team that fosters a positive environment.

  • To provide the community and the swimming world with individuals who are
    becoming the best they can be – as individuals, students, citizens and athletes.

It is important to note that our program takes a look at the athlete holistically combining mental, physical and technical conditioning. This is a long-term approach in which we believe, will produce not only better swimmers, but well-rounded student athletes ready to meet the challenges that the world will present them.

It is the goal for our coaching staff to instill a positive self-image within every swimmer while creating a positive, stimulating and challenging training environment. We feel by providing this to our swimmers, they will have continuous improvement and enjoyment in a life long sport.