Registration Info

2018 Long Course Registration Information

First day of practice: April 9

Practice Calendar


2018 Long Course Fees:
Group 1 2 Payments of: $240
Group 2 2 Payments of: $285
Senior 2 Payments of: $300
Spring Sport 1 Payment of: $525


Registration Steps:

  1. Click “Register Here” on the Ultimate Swimming website.
  2. Read key information on the registration page, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Provide account info including email, billing address, guardians, insurance and emergency contact info. Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  4. At the top of the page, select members to register or add new members.
  5. Read and accept all policies, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  6. Review information for all members.
    If you have not registered with USA Swimming, select “Yes – Pay this fee now” All members are required to register with USA Swimming once per calendar year, any members who competed in the short course season do not need to pay this fee.
  7. Select payment method at the bottom left of the page. Our payment method policy can be found below. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  8. Enter billing information, Click “Submit Registration” to complete steps.


Payment Options:

Pay by Check – 2 Installments: 1st Installment is due by April 22nd; the second installment is due by May 25th.

You will receive an email before May 1st confirming we received your first installment. If payment is not received, you will be billed electronically on May 1st. You will receive a second email, before June 1st, confirming we received your second installment. If payment is not received you will be billed the second installment electronically on June 1st.

If you wish to pay in full, you may do so, submit 1 check by April 22nd for the full amount (simply double the fee.)


Pay by Credit Card – 2 Installments

1st Installment is due at the time of registration and before April 22nd; the second installment will be billed on June 1st. All credit card transactions will be charged a 5% processing fee.


Spring Sport – 1 Installment

All swimmers must register with Ultimate by April 22nd. No payment will be collected at the time of registration. You may pay by check until May 25th. If no check is received by May 25th, your credit card will be charged on June 1st.