Stingrays Tryouts

Thank you for your interst in the Stingrays swim team. In order to place a swimmer in an appropriate group, all new swimmers to Stingrays swim team must participate in an evaluation prior to registering. Please follow the links below to view the evaluation schedule and to contact the appropriate staff.   The Coach will observe your child to determine their current skill level in the four basic strokes (freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly). In general, the coaches are looking for the ability to swim at least 25 yards on their front and back with some sort of breathing pattern on their front. Each individual will be evaluated based on proficiency of their strokes compared to other swimmers their age.  For advanced swimmers, the evaluating coach may ask the athlete to swim a set for a timed duration. 

Discussion regarding short term and long term goals of the athlete, as well as the families goals, occurs after the evaluation so that we can place the swimmer in the appropriate level. The length of time each evaluation takes may vary depending on the number participating and the skill level of the athletes at each evaluation but generally an evaluation should be completed within 10-15 minutes.  After the evaluation and recommendation by our qualified staff, swimmers will be able to register for any of the Stingrays programs.


Group tryouts for the 2019-2020 Short Course Season have concluded. If you would like an evaluation to join the NJ Stingrays, contact Coach Mike at