Welcome NCSL Lifeguards!

To be approved as a lifeguard for the NCSL, you must complete the application and include your valid Lifeguarding and CPR/AED certifications:

2018 NCSL Lifeguard Application


Lifeguards are approved by the league to work at team practices and dual-meets on Sundays. Each team is responsible for contacting lifeguards, scheduling them, and completing payroll forms. Guards are encouraged to track their own hours to make sure everything is processed.

The League will contact and schedule guards for swim meets on Sundays. Guards will need to sign in at the timing table on the "Lifeguard Sign-In Form" which is submitted with results to the league.


Lifeguards are responsible for finding their own replacements should they not be able to cover an assigned shift.  Please use this contact sheet of NCSL lifeguards to find coverage as needed.  Please note: In order for a lifeguard to be eligible to work they must have an "Approved" Application Status. 

Once you have coordinate coverage, please contact the League Administrator to advise of the changes. 


2018 Lifeguard Meet Schedule:


Please review the following policies and payment information for NCSL lifeguards: 

Lifeguard Policies and Payment Information


All teams must have an authorized representative complete a timesheet for their lifeguards.  A league representative will complete the timesheet for all meet guards.

To complete the time sheet, please log-in and use the above tabs (under "Lifeguard" button) to locate the correct timesheet. Payroll due dates are listed on the league calendar on this website.