2018-2019 LMAC Training Group Assignments

Below please find the initial training groups for competitive LMAC swimmers.  They are based on ability, experience and age.  They are NOT set in stone, simply a starting point. Over the first week to ten days of training, the coaching staff may make adjustments.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Kathryn if you have a question about your child's assignment—I may have made a mistake.


**Swimmers who were in Mighty Mites/Piranhas last year:  Some Mites/Piranhas have been assigned to the White Group--You may sign up for White when registration opens on July 15.  For all others--you are more than welcome to sign up for Mighty Mites or Piranhas on July 15, or you can try out for a spot on the competitive team on August 21-30.  Please email Coach Kathryn with questions.


Member First Name Member Last Name 2018-19 Group
Natalia Alvarez White
Nikolas Alvarez White
Lorenzo Azar Grey
Annabel Bailey Grey
Jonathan Bakalorz Senior
Matthew Bakalorz Royal
Sarah Bakalorz Grey
Nicole Balduccini Senior
Amelia Beale White
Delaney Behl Diving
Ernesto Betancourt  White
Guia Betancourt  White
Kelsey Bianco White
Zachary Bielli Navy
Danny Bieter Senior
Elizabeth Bochanski Grey
William Bochanski Senior
Benjamin Braden-Forge White
Zeni Bradway Diving
Benjamin Brasfield Royal
Claire Brasfield Navy
Nora Campbell Diving
Ryan Carson Senior
Francis Chalissery Senior
Joseph Chalissery Navy
Alan Chen Royal
Vivian Chen Senior
Andrew Cicalese Grey
Joseph Cicalese Royal
Nathan Cicalese Grey
Miranda Clapp Grey
Alexa Conner Navy
Paige Corcoran Senior
Emma Cronholm Royal
Maxwell Cronholm Grey
Julia Curran Senior
Marius d'Herve Diving
Max Dombar Grey
Elliot Douglass Royal
Anna Dymek Navy
Julia Dymek Grey
Maria Dymek Navy
Miles Ehrbar Royal
Catherine  Fan Royal
Francis Fan Navy
Julianna Filipone White
Maximus Forster Senior
Elisabeth Forsyth Senior
Emily Gallagher Navy
andrew gambino Grey
Emily Gavigan Senior
Melissa Gingold Senior
Elliot Ginzburg Senior
Kyle Given Senior
Zach Given Senior
Benno Goldstein White
Theodore Goldszal Senior
Jackson Graham Senior
Charlotte Green Grey
Robert Green Royal
Tate Hamburg Grey
John Hank White
Jack Harker Grey
Owen Harker Royal
Ella Harris Senior
Laney Harris Navy
Pyper Heins Navy
Leila Henry Navy
Lillian Hickey Royal
Shane Hickey White
Cara Hodowanic Royal
Rosa Huffman Senior
Josephine Huh Grey
Dylan Jesse White
Gabby Kasmer White
Liam Keating Senior
Mira Keating White
Noah Keating White
Colin Kelly Royal
Raha Khazaali Grey
Thaddaeus Kiker Senior
Briana Klock Grey
Bryce Knowlton Grey
Bartos Kowalski Grey
Kacey Kraus Grey
Abigail Krissinger Senior
Elizabeth Krissinger Navy
Sarah Krissinger Navy
Charles Kurland Royal
Matthew Kuzas Senior
Adeline Lawrence Navy
Mallory Lawrence White
Alexia Levine Royal
Dahlia Levine Senior
Sadie Liebo Navy
Abigail Lint Navy
Amelia Lint Senior
Zara Liss Senior
Charley Litz Diving
Seth Litz Diving
Mae Londergan Royal
Tal Loren Diving
Deegan Mack Navy
Sean Maloney Senior
Tatum Maloney Senior
Isabel Marein-Efron Grey
Alexander Mazzeo Royal
Nicholas Mazzeo Royal
Eric McCoy Grey
Lexi Mccracken Grey
Dylan McGuire  Grey
Casey McIntyre Diving
Jon Meyer Senior
John Mikkelsen Grey
Avery Millard White
Hudson Millard Grey
Mason Millard Royal
Benjamin Miller-Wilson Senior
Elijah Miller-Wilson Senior
Michael Milz Royal
Nicholas Milz Navy
Alan Morris White
Laura Morris Navy
Linden Muhly White
Jacob Muntz Royal
Ryan Muntz Grey
Apollo Murray White
Sasha Murray Navy
Hannah Nagle Royal
Alessandro Navarro Royal
Charlie Nenchev Navy
Viet Nguyen White
Omar Niazy Navy
Ethan Niu Navy
Marina Noguchi Royal
Gretchen Oberdiek Navy
Sophie Oberdiek Senior
Kate O'Connell White
Liam O'Connell Royal
Kayla O'Connor Senior
Rebecca O'Connor Senior
Zibei Pang Royal
Eero Peritz Grey
Kylie Pettit Senior
Liam Pettit Senior
Luiza Porto Navy
Anders Powell Royal
Alexandra Pro Grey
Matilda Pro Navy
Zion Puryear  Royal
Isabella Rauer Navy
Kalina Rauer Grey
Madeline Reavey Navy
Jeshuri Richie-Zavaleta Diving
Eve Robins White
Zachary Root Navy
Christopher Ryan Navy
Raffaele Sammon White
Ethan Sarles Royal
Jordan Schrift White
Benjamin Scullin Grey
Zachary Scullin Senior
Gwendolyn Shapiro Royal
Ryan Shindler Senior
Michael  Steenhoff Royal
Laila Stein Royal
Allison Stewart Senior
Jessica Stoloff Navy
Jillian Stoloff Navy
Quentin Stoloff Senior
Josephine  Strader Grey
Joshua Sultanik Senior
Courtney  Taddeo Navy
allison tan Royal
Jakob Timme Senior
Paulina Timme Navy
Rudi Timme Royal
Gabriel Tinker Grey
Brian Ungar Senior
Jonah Vogl White
Marisa Wachs Royal
Sarah Wachs Senior
simon wang Royal
Sadie White Senior
Beatrix Wilent White
Viola Wilent Grey
Dallas Wolfson Diving
Ellison Wolk Navy
Seymour Wolk White
Alexander Wroblewski Navy