LYST, the Stingrays, is a YMCA and USA Swimming club serving the greater Lancaster area.  It’s a Great Time to Join Us!

The YMCA strives to serve the whole community through programs expressing Judeo-Christian principles that build healthy spirit, mind and body. These programs will teach our young athletes values, responsibility, goals and direction to achieve these goals. The YMCA wishes the young athlete to be self-motivated, honest and respectful of both self and teammates. We believe a swimmer's mark of excellence should be determined by his/her self-improvement, self-determination and self-accomplishment, not by medals or ribbons, but by the standards or times set up by the coach and athlete.

We recognize that our swimmers may have different priorities in their lives, so our programs are designed to be flexible.

We are here to benefit all of our swimmers. Therefore, the coaches and parents need to fulfill their responsibilities to ensure the most positive experience for all of our athletes.


We have programs for all ages and every ability.  Click on “Swim Groups” tab in the menu above to learn more about what we have to offer.  New swimmers will need to be evaluated for placement the first week of practice,

starting September 4th, 2018 at 5pm (except Fridays) or on August 26th at 1:30pm after our Team Meeting.


Registration for the 2018-19 Winter Season will begin August 26th, 2018 online for returning members.  New members may register after attending an assessment the first week of practice starting September 4th, 2018 or the Team Meeting on August 26th at the YMCA.


All LYST swimmers must maintain a YMCA membership for the participant while they are engaged with the program.  Memberships must be initiated prior to the first day of practice and current through the last practice day or meet.