Pacesetter Partners


Pacesetter Aquatics offers a fun, safe environment to develop competitive swimming skills.  Our team has been in existence since 1991, and we have a rich tradition of developing remarkable swimmers.  Our team has a place for anyone interested in competitive swimming, regardless of current skill level.  We have swimmers as young as 5 all the way to HS and beyond that swim on our team.  Headed by Coach Mike Pepa, we have an awesome coaching staff dedicated to helping grow your swimmer – our goal is to SWIM FAST and HAVE FUN!

Practice groups are determined by a coach evaluation and are set based on a combination of age and skills.  Practice times vary throughout the year based on season.  During Fall/Winter & Spring seasons practices are currently held at Jeffersonville HS and River Valley MS.  Summer practices are at the Jeffersonville Aquatic Center and Jeffersonville HS.

Registration for our FALL/Winter season begins on August 23rd 5:30pm @ JHS.  Coaches will evaluate swimmers new to the team for assignment in practice groups.  Come join the fun!

EMAIL with questions.

Practice Group Descriptions:

·          Pre-Developmental  

o    For our youngest swimmers still working to develop legal strokes

o    Offered in Fall/Winter and Spring (for summer we encourage swimming with the SISA JAC team) Competition is optional for this group.

o    3 practices per week for 45 minutes

o    Practice Group fee: $40/month


·          Developmental

o    Swimmers ages 6-9

o    Focusing on stroke technique mastery and introducing basic competitive elements like starts and turns. Swimmers are encourage to compete in meets hosted by Pacesetters, but may compete in other local competitions the team attends.

o    Offered year round

o    3 practices per week for 60 minutes

o    Practice Group fee:  $55/month


·          Age Group 1

o    Swimmers age 8-10

o     Focus on technique and development of starts/turns. Swimmers will begin to build an aerobic base. Swimmers in this group are encouraged to compete in Pacesetter swim meets and other local meets.

o    Offered year round

o    4 practices per week for 60 minutes

o    Practice Group fee: $60


·          Age Group 2

o    Swimmers age 9-11

o     Focus on technique and development of starts/turns. Swimmers continue to build a strong aerobic base. Swimmer begin to learn how to pace. Swimmers in this group set personal goals for improvement. This group will be encouraged to compete in local meets as well as any meets they make the qualifying standard.

o    Offered year round

o    4 practices per week for 75 minutes

o    Practice Group fee: $65


·          Pre-Elite 1

o    Swimmers age 10-13

o    Focus on mastering stroke technique. Swimmers begin learning to train in preparation for high school and beyond. Swimmers work on pacing and race plans. Swimmers in this group have achieved preliminary championship meet times, Divisional standards. Swimmers are expected to compete.

o    4 practices per week for 1.5 hours

o    Practice Group fee: $70




·          Pre-Elite 2

o    Swimmers age 11-14

o    Swimmers focus is on training. Race strategy becomes increasing important. Swimmers continue to fine tune stroke technique. Swimmers focus on details, increasing speed and power on starts, turns and strokes. Swimmers in this group strive to attain the next level of championship meet standards, State times and Zone times. Swimmers are expected to compete.

o    5 practices per week for 2 hours

o    Practice Group fee: $80


·          Elite

o    HS Age

o    Swimmers set goals for high school and beyond.  Technique is fine-tuned and proper training is the focus.  Swimmers compete and strive for State and National standards.

o    5-6 days a week, with 2-a-days available

o    Practice Group fee:  $95

Discounts for multiple swimmers available!


We participate in about 10 regular meets per year, with about ½ in the Louisville metro area.  Meet participation varies from year to year; we typically travel to Jasper, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Evansville for regular meets.  Qualifying meets like state Divisional and Championships, and regional Zone meets regularly have a significant PACE contingent.  PACE has a fall and summer home meet.

Meets are never required, but represent a lot of fun for swimmers.  Participation is encouraged!

Meets are typically spread over a weekend across a number of different 3-4 hour sessions.  Typically distance events are Friday evening for older swimmers (11+), with the rest of the meet on Saturday/Sunday.  Sessions are determined by age group – so if your swimmer is 10, you may swim on both Saturday and Sunday morning, with a maximum of 4 events per day.


Costs to participate are made up of:

1.        Practice Group fees

2.        Annual $50 team admin fee

3.        Annual $62 USA Swimming Fee

4.        Meet fees – typically $4-6 per event your swimmer enters for a meet

Pace offers the ability to pay monthly as you go via credit card or check.  There is no long term commitment involved.