Merrillville Marlins Swim Club

Swimming is not only a great sport for physical exercise and development, but as in any team sport it helps build each swimmers self-confidence, motivational skills and teaches each child what team work can achieve. Learning about oneself, while enjoying the sport is the most important part of the swimming experience.

The coaching staff includes a range of experience and specialties. We are committed to providing an environment where each child can develop each of the four competitive strokes while having fun and achieving their long and short term goals. We are confident that with hard work, committment and a dedicated coaching staff that each child will excel this season.

The four competitive strokes are the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. We understand that not all swimmers are currently able to swim each. However, it is our job to assist every child in doing so. Swimmers will be grouped based on their abilities and will practice with swimmers of similar skill. Practices will be spent training for swim meets while continually developing each swimmer/s stroke technique, efficiency and perfecting each swimmer's starts, turns, and finishes. Each swimmer comes to the Marlins with different skills and goals. All that we hope for is that each swimmer tries their best during practice and during any given race.