About the Team

  Scotts Bluff Swim Club


            Scotts Bluff County Swim Club (SBSC) is a non-profit volunteer organization.  The team was organized in 1967 and is a member of U.S.A. Swimming, Wyoming division.  Any person age 5 or older may join the team; however, the person must be able to swim the length of the pool.  Proper strokes and technique will be taught by the team coaches.

           The club has a Board of Directors responsible for the running of the club, hiring coaches, getting pool time, etc.  Parent meetings are held periodically to vote on items as directed by the By-Laws. 



          Swimmers abilities tend to improve proportionally with regular consistent practice.  Parents should set/encourage a practice routine that takes into account age and ability of your swimmer.  Beginning swimmers have a schedule set for their abilities with 1 hour practices.  Start times vary by season - please check current schedule.  





            There are 1 to 2 home swim meets per year.  Meets are held most weekends in Nebraska , South Dakota , Wyoming and Colorado .  You and your swimmer decide which and how many meets you would like to attend.  Several meets will be designated as ’Target’ meets.  We will encourage all swimmers to participate and send a coach to target meets.  These are also optional.  It is the responsibility of the parent to get the swimmer to the meet.   Signing up for the meets is done online.  A Parent-on-Duty can also help.  Information is available in the Team Events section.  Please check out the web site for information on meets and practices.



            Coaching fees are paid monthly on the first of the month.  Any fees paid after the 10th will have a $5.00 late fee added.  Please see Fee schedule. Make checks payable to Scotts Bluff County Swim Club (SBSC).



            Each swimmer is required to be registered with U.S.A. swimming each year.   The application fee is currently $55.00 for annually or $35 for a seasonal card (April 1st-August 31).  You will be issued a USA card that needs to be carried with the swimmer to every swim meet and shown on request.

         Clik HERE to print your application.

            The City of Scottsbluff requires that all swimmers have a swim pass.  You may choose a Winter Pass or Annual Pass, Individual or Family.  Check with Splash personnel for current prices.



            SBSC swimmers are called Torpedoes.  The Torpedoes have a team suit.  Swimmers are encouraged to purchase one of two options for the team suit.  They are available on our website under "Team Store", then "Torpedo Gear".  We do have several "try on suits" to obtain the right size before ordering.  Check at the front desk to try on.  It is best to try on DRY, so before practice.  They may wear a black suit, or the team suit. Swimmers are highly encouraged to wear goggles and caps.  The caps will protect hair and keep it out of their face. Goggles and caps are also available on line, and we have SBSC latex caps for $3.50 at the front desk.  Check out the Team Store online, you will receive a discount from retail and our team receives a small percentage back on all purchases.


PARENT MEETINGS: are held several times during the swim season.  The times and dates are listed on the Team Events page.  Attendance at these meetings is recommended.  Target meets, meet information, team information, and coaches information will be discussed.



            Fundraising is an important job in this organization.  To be able to keep the coaching fees as low as possible, the club is supported with several fundraising projects each year.


            Raffle at meets

            Swim-a-thon - an event where swimmers get pledges for each length swam.

            Donations - Company and Personal 
             Online Sponsors