Welcome to the Vicksburg Swim Association

The Vicksburg Swim Association was founded in 1972. This team has boasted many state champions and Mississippi Swimming record holders. Parents have supported Mississippi Swimming by serving as a board. The team has recruited members for years by focusing on swimming as a lifetime skill. All team members are reminded that every Olympic swimmer started out just like they are – having fun, getting fit and making friends.

VSA Practice Pod Outline

Killer whales live in cohesive long-term social units called pods.  A pod is a group of individuals that travel together the majority of the time.  The size of a pod usually varies from 5 to about 30 individuals.  From our introductory group levels (Whalies and White) to our top level groups (Gold and Senior) there is a place for everyone. 

During the Winter and Spring and depending on the POD, the Killer Whales practice at Wyatt’s on Monday through Friday from 4PM – 6:30PM or at Purks YMCA on Monday through Friday from 4PM - 5:15PM.  

During the Summer and Fall and depending on the POD, they practice from Monday through Friday 6AM to 8:15AM and Monday and Wednesday from 3PM - 5PM.  

Click on the link to view the official in season practice schedule

Training Fees

Monthly Dues:

Training Fees:  $80 (first swimmer)

Each additional swimmer:  $25


Additional Fees:

New Swimmer Registration:  $100 (one-time fee)

MS Swimming Registration:  $85 (yearly)

VSA Registration:  $50 (yearly)

Stamm Swim Meet Supplies:  $25 (yearly)