Southeastern Swimming, Inc


The objectives and primary purpose of Southeastern Swimming, Inc shall be the education, instruction, and training of individuals to develop and improve their capabilities in the sport of swimming. SES shall promote swimming for the benefit of swimmers of all ages and abilities, in accordance with the standards, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of FINA, USA Swimming, and SES and its Articles/Certificate of Incorporation.


Geographic Territory

The geographic Territory of SES is as set forth in Article 603 of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations. The State of Tennessee, the State of Alabama except for Chambers and Russell counties, and that portion of the State of Florida west of the Apalachicola River, excluding Gulf County.



SES shall have jurisdiction over the sport of swimming as delegated to it as a Local Swimming Committee by USA Swimming to support swimming programs consistent with SES's objectives and those of USA Swimming and to sanction, approve, observe and oversee competitive swimming events within the Territory, its Region and its Zone (as those terms are defined in Part Six of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations). SES shall discharge faithfully its duties and obligations as a Local Swimming Committee of USA Swimming in accordance with these Bylaws, the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and all applicable policies and procedures.


Member Responsibilities Compliance

Each Group and Individual Member shall abide by the codes of conduct and ethics, policies, procedures, rules and regulations adopted by USA Swimming and SES, including its obligations and responsibilities set forth in these Bylaws. Each Group and Individual Member shall not take or allow to be taken, any action, or conspire with or instigate any other person to take or allow to be taken, any action that could bring the sport of swimming, SES or USA Swimming into disrepute. By applying for and accepting membership in SES and USA Swimming, each Individual Member agrees to so abide and represents, except to the extent disclosed to SES and USA Swimming, that he or she has never been convicted of a crime involving sexual misconduct, child abuse, violation of a law specifically designed to protect minors, or similar offenses, or to have been found by a Board of Review or the National Board of Review to have committed actions which would be the basis for a conviction and that she or he has never acted in a manner which might bring into disrepute SES, USA Swimming or the sport of swimming.