2020 Parent Board

Peg Donovan, President (410-310-9171)
Sarah Kroncke, Treasurer/IT (443-831-5708)

All families are invited to get more involved in the planning of your Prospect Bay Swim Team. Just let us know, we'd love to have you! 

The Prospect Bay Swim Team is a Delmarva Swim Association competitive swimming program for boys and girls ages 5 to 18. All members of Prospect Bay Country Club (residential or social) are welcome to join. With the PB Board's approval, we will begin registering 'non-members' to our swim team during the 2017 season if there is not enough PBCC members to fill out our roster.  We also offer our "Cubs" non-competitive training program for our youngest swimmers. Swimmers under 10 must be able to swim 25 meters (one length of the pool). All swimmers must be certified for shallow water diving. This certification can be obtained by training with our coaches. 

"Our community is blessed to have this swim team that provides so much for our children and for us. The swimmers are learning to perfect strokes, take risks in racing an event that is not their strongest, to challenge themselves physically. (The land exercises are awesome...I know I wouldn't last through the workouts Anna has had to do), to demonstrate sportsmanship and team spirit, and best of all, to nurture friendships with all ages. As for the adults, we are supporting our children while modeling what it means to be involved.... I enjoy seeing all the families that we often don't see during the busy school year and cheering on the swimmers while timing. It makes the meets more fun and makes the swim season more memorable. Whether your child is just a casual swimmer who enjoys the spirit of being on a team or is a die-hard doesn't matter what purpose your child has for joining the swim team. What truly matters is what he/she takes from being on the team. Every child benefits when we all work together to make the meets run smoothly. The more of us there helping also provides more of a cheering squad for our team." - Janine Granger