Dolphin Partners
About the Team

Quincy Family YMCA Dolphin swim team is a year-round competitive swim team for boys and girls ages 5-21.  Dolphins compete in YMCA meets and USA Swimming Meets.

The name “Dolphins” is in loving appreciation of Dick Chapin.   Dick Chapin was a Senior Programming Director for the Quincy Family YMCA until he retired in 1990.  After retirement, Dick volunteered to run swimming programs and help out with swim lessons.  Dick would boast that he could teach anyone to swim, even older adults.  To this day, the “Dick’s Dolphins” swim class runs at the YMCA where many of his former students still attend his classes.  Dick passed away in 2008, but his memory is very much alive at the Quincy Family YMCA. 

Click on the videos below to see our team in action!