Stuff to Know

The CB Gators: Fun and Fast!

We welcome swimmers of all abilities.  Our goal is to establish in young people the love of the sport of swimming, while improving aquatic skills, encouraging the principles of good sportsmanship and having fun.  

Our Big Gators:  Parents and family members play a critical role on our team. Swim Meets do not happen without volunteers: Timers, Runners, Ribbon Writers Scorekeepers, etc. With that in mind, we require that you sign up for at least 6 volunteer activities over the course of the season. 

Requirements for Joining the Team

  • To join the swim team a person must be a member of CB pool, must be 18 or younger as of June 1st that year, and must be able to swim 25 meters (one length of the pool) continuously (i.e. without stopping to stand on the bottom or hanging onto the lane rope).

  • If a swimmer is unsure about joining the team, he/she may participate in a one-week trial free of charge prior to making a decision. Should the swimmer decide to join, parents must complete the registration process in order for the swimmer to continue. Once a swimmer has completed the registration/joined the team, no refunds will be given if the swimmer decides to quit.


2022 Connecticut Belair Gators Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Danny Benedetti, [email protected]

              Assistant Coach: Emily Mullenholz


 2022 Parent Swim Team Committee

President:  Kelli Champagne:  [email protected]

A” Reps: Mary Broome and Sarah Hill:  [email protected]

B” Reps:   Amber Lesniewicz & Roberta Alvez: [email protected]

Treasurer: Lauren Mongelli:  [email protected]

Automation: Gary Frank,  [email protected]

Communications:  Kelli Champagne:  [email protected]


          Social and Fundraising Coordinator: Vancant! WE NEED A VOLUNTEER!

Website/Registration: Scott Kabat:  [email protected]


Updated May 6, 2022