Regina Synchro Logo


Synchronized swimming is one of the most beautiful, disciplined and demanding sports in the world!

Regina Synchro is a non-profit sports organization, managed by a parent-elected volunteer executive.  We offer a variety of programs for swimmers of all levels. We are affiliated with Synchro Saskatchewan and we participate in competitions at the local, provincial and national level.

Regina Synchro works to develop all levels of athletes; from the recreational to the elite. Our club's goal is to instill a sense of accomplishment in all participants and to promote confidence and self-esteem in all swimmers. Synchronized Swimming is a true team sport. With this in mind, our program focuses on developing cohesive, motivated and successful teams. The Regina Synchro program offers technical skill development as well as routine choreography and training.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission: Regina Synchro strives for competitive excellence by motivating and fostering the full potential of all of the club’s athletes through the development  of synchronized swimming skills and encouragement of personal growth.

Our Vision: Achieving top performance on the provincial, national and international stage by developing and encouraging the achievement of synchro club swimmers.

Our Values:

Our club is: 

  • competitive, inclusive, accountable, fiscally-responsible, goal-oriented and athlete-centered.

We treat people with: 

  • respect, integrity and acceptance.

We encourage:

  • athlete and coach development, collaboration, pride, discipline and personal growth/success.

We value: 

  • sportsmanship, excellence, teamwork and fun.