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2017-2018 Logo

Life Time Mid-Atlantic Club (LIFE) would like to welcome all new and returning swimmers and families to our summer swim team program, The Barracudas. We are excited to start the eleventh season of The Barracudas, offering the opportunity for our members ages 18 and under to swim in a summer league program. Our team is comprised of members from the Centerville and Loudoun Life Time Athletic locations.

The Barracudas are a competitive summer swim team that participates in the Old Dominion Swim League (ODSL) . ODSL is a developmental league with a primary focus of growing a love for swimming in young swimmers. There are 34 swim teams and over a thousand families that participate in the ODSL.

The Life Time Mid-Atlantic Club Barracudas summer swim program operates under the following five principles:

·        FUN :  Barracudas will work hard, be positive, try their best, & have FUN!

·        TECHNIQUE : Barracudas work to improve stroke mechanics

·        DEDICATION : Barracudas maintain:

o   a loyalty to practice

o   a drive to accomplish personal and team goals

·        HEART : Barracudas face challenges with positive energy

·        SPIRIT : Barracudas support each other in word and deed

The Barracudas summer swim team program is associated with Life Time Mid-Atlantic Club Swim Team. We have redefined our program this season. We now have four practice squads: Yellowstripe Barracudas, Sharpfin Barracudas, Sawtooth Barracudas, and Blackfin Barracudas.

Volunteer Message from the LIFE Barracudas:

The success of each swim meet depends on the volunteers. Swim meets cannot happen without many volunteers. Getting involved at the meets not only makes parents feel more a part of the team, but it also helps pass the time. We understand that there may be new swim families this season; therefore, we want to make sure everyone understands the requirements of our swim team. Swim meets cannot run without the help of our GREAT volunteers! Volunteering at both home and away meets is vital for a successful swim meet.

We have many jobs to fill and the more family participation we get the smoother our summer will be! Volunteering at time trials and team events is a great way to meet your season requirements and get to know other swim team families.

Parents are required to volunteer for a minimum of 16 points.

An email will be sent out during the first week of practice asking parents to sign up for volunteer positions.  A complete description of each position is included in the Volunteering Tab.  This explains all volunteer positions and lists the points given for each position. The points system is also explained in this document. There are many opportunities for volunteering throughout the season.

This is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Early sign-ups ensures preferred positions.  At Time Trials, there will be a chance to learn each volunteering position. This year we will participate in Time Trials, three to four home meets, three to four away meets, and Divisionals.

If I do not fulfill my season volunteer requirements, I agree to pay $150 which will be charged from my account at the end of the season. 

If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please contact Andrew Sheller, Head Coach at