What is Starke County Blue Dolphins Inc.?

Starke County Blue Dolphins Inc. (SCBD) is a non-profit, parent run organization.  Our club is governed by the United States Swimming, Inc. and Indiana Swimming organizations.  SCBD has been serving Starke County for 20 years providing a year round program for athletes. The club provides swim programs in the City Knox.

Why swim?

The USA Swimming age group swimming program is America's largest program of guided fitness activity for children. Age group swimming builds a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health, by teaching healthy fitness habits.


Physical Development

Swimming is considered the ideal activity for developing muscular and skeletal growth by many physicians and pediatricians. Why do doctors like it so much?
Swimming develops high quality aerobic endurance, the most important key to physical fitness. In other sports an hour of practice may yield as little as 10 minutes of meaningful exercise. Age Group swimming teams use every precious minute of practice time developing fitness and teaching skills. Swimming does a better job in proportional muscular development by using all the body's major muscle groups. No other sport does this as well.
Swimming enhances children's natural flexibility (at a time when they ordinarily begin to lose it) by exercising all of their major joints through a full range of motion.
Swimming helps develop superior coordination because it requires combinations of complex movements of all parts of the body, enhancing harmonious muscle function, grace, and fluidity of movement.  Swimming is the most injury-free of all children's sports.
Swimming is a sport that will bring kids fitness and enjoyment for life.  Participants in Master's Swimming programs are still training and racing well into their 80's.


Intellectual Competence

In addition to physical development, children can develop greater intellectual competence by participating  in  a guided  program  of  physical  activity.  Learning  and  using  swimming  skills engages the thinking processes. As they learn new techniques, children must develop and plan movement sequences. They improve by exploring new ideas. They learn that greater progress results from  using their creative talents.  Self-expression  can  be  just as  much physical as intellectual.  Finally their  accomplishments  in  learning  and  using  new skills  contribute  to  a stronger  self image.


Mission Statement

Starke County Blue Dolphins Inc. aims to create an environment where individuals of all ages and abilities can experience the enjoyment of, and can reach personal excellence in, the sport of swimming.


SCBD?s vision is to develop and maintain a program that will produce elite swimmers, who will represent Starke County in all levels of swim competition.


Teamwork:   Starke County Blue Dolphins Inc. is a team that is built upon the commitment, support, and participation of the Board, coaches, swimmers, parents/guardians, and the community at large.  SCBD believes that its success in achieving the team?s goals is dependent upon the cooperation of all members.

Coaching:  SCBD is committed to providing comprehensive, expert swim/stroke training by an experienced coaching team.  In addition to swim training, SCBD promotes the practice of healthy lifestyle habits, such as good nutrition and sleep.

The Swimmer:  SCBD believes that each swimmer is an individual with different backgrounds, needs, and goals.  The club focuses on the development of positive self-esteem and individual goal setting.  The team encourages swimmers to represent SCBD by participating in Summer Season and/or Fall-Winter Season basics or Both. SCBD believes that all members should model team spirit and sportsmanship.