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About Us
The South Central Swim Team is a USA-Swimming swim team which offers swimmers ages six and up structured practices, stroke mechanics, and an opportunity to compete on and individual and team basis at local, regional, state, sectional, and national levels.

USA-Swimming is the governing body for swimming in the United States, and one of the largest guided fitness activities for children (246,326 year-round individual members in 2006 with thousands more seasonal members). USA-Swimming consists of close to 2,800 club members with approximately 11,000 registered coaches


Good Sportsmanship
Parents, coaches, swimmers, and officials should adhere to the principles of good sportsmanship.

Competitive Excellence
Establish this tradition by consistently developing and motivating quality swimmers.
Physical Activity 
Swimming is a great source of physical activity.
Ownership/Pride of Achievement
More swimmers than parents, but all should not only be proud and take responsibility of achievement, but take responsibility for downfalls. Without failure, there is no success.
Parents, coaches, and swimmers work together to build self-esteem in our young athletes.
Exciting and Fun
All involved should be excited and have fun. Parents should enjoy watching their swimmers compete, regardless of the result, and should look forward to assisting at club functions. Coaches should have fun with their swimmers at meets AND AT PRACTICE. Keeping things fresh and exciting is our number one weapon against boredom. Swimmers should come to practice everyday excited to learn and develop, understanding that that is the true reward.
Community Pride/Importance
We should all take pride in our communities and realize the importance of supporting them.
The Board of Directors should show commitment to the welfare of the club. The coaches should show commitment to the growth and development of their swimmers. The parents should show commitment to the overall health (mental and physical) of their swimmers. The swimmers should show commitment to life-long learning and development (in and out of the pool).
Life-long friendships can be developed with lanemates, teammates, fellow parents, and coaches.
It is important that the club offer a stable program, through consistent fees, structure, staff, and ideals.
Purposeful and Systematic
Success doesn’t happen by accident. Purposeful, systematic development will ensure long-term success.
Smooth Transition
Through successful planning, swimmers will be offered a smooth transition between age/ability groups.
Parental Involvement/Volunteerism
You can’t have a swim team without swimmers. You can’t have a successful swim team without involved parents either. Parents are often looked to for assistance in club functions and aid in the development of club resources (especially human).
Leadership starts at the top, with the Board of Directors, and goes down to each and every swimmer, through coaches and parents. Not every club member may lead the same way, but constant leadership will ensure long-term success. 


“Recognized for competitive excellence through systematic and purposeful long-term development of swimmers of all ages and backgrounds. Maintains a stable organization committed to character development and community involvement throughout South Central Wisconsin.”
“Building excellence and character…one stroke at a time.”
1) Increase team size to 200 swimmers August 2015 170
2) Increase annual revenue to $100,000
August 2014
3) Increase head coach salary to 30% total revenue
August 2014
4) Increase participation in IMX Challenge to 100% of USA athletes August 2014 30%
5) Qualify at least 4 swimmer to Junior Nationals August 2016 0
6) Top 10 finish at Senior State Annually August 2015 N/A
7) Score points at Age Group State August 2013 N/A
8) Increase reserves to 6 months operating expenses August 2013 0
9) Conduct biannual budget planning August 2013 1year