About Us

It is time to register for the next season of Buckhead Aquatics Swimming!!!  Registration is now open and the link is below!  Our season will begin on August 13th this year and we are committed to continuing our history of excellence!  This past season we had our best breakthough yet on how to get our swimmers to really take a notice of their nutrition and we will be continuing this this season with some new additions!  Our new dryland format this past season was a huge success as well and with some new ideas and help from Coach Chasity this year is going to be that much better!  We will only be taking 100 swimmers total this year so be sure to sign up soon!

Costs are listed below and times and locations will be the same as last season and if you have any questions just take a quick look at the tabs on the top of the website.   

Here are some FAQ's you may need answers to: 

1.  If you sign up for the full season up front you get a 5% discount and you also get next summer for free.  If you have more than one swimmer in your family you get a $10 discount per month for the additional swimmers.   

2.  For the first two months, August-Mid October, all groups will be at Westminster. In Mid-October groups 1-3 switch to Second Ponce Baptist Church.  Some older group 3 swimmers will have the option between Ponce and staying at Westminster and practicing during the group 4 times.  We move all groups back to Westminster the first of Feb.   

3.  Group 3 and 4 swimmers will pay in 9 monthly installments if you choose not to pay for the full season up front.  These payments will be on the 1st of Aug-April.  If all 9 payments are made, you will get the months of May-July for free.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMMIT TO ALL 9 MONTHS, BUT WE WILL BE ADDING A 30-DAY CANCELLATION NOTICE POLICY THIS SEASON.   

4.  Group 1 and 2 swimmers have two options, "Monthly Optional" or "Monthly Installments."  "Monthly Optional" means you are on a month-to-month basis and the months of May-July are not included.  "Monthly Installments" means you are paying to have the months of May-July free.  This option gives you a great price break for the summer months so please consider this!  Either option still has the ability to drop at any time, but the 30-day cancellation notice still applies.   

Please let me know if you have any questions and I really hope to have you all back this August!!!




-Group 1 (7&unders):         $165/monthly optional, $180/monthly installments

-Group 2 (8-10 yr olds):      $185/monthly optional, $200/monthly installments

-Group 3 (11-12 yr olds):    $220/monthly, 9 installments Aug-April (May-July free)

-Group 4 (13&ups):            $250/monthly, 9 installments Aug-April (May-July free)