The National Club Swimming Association is a private non-profit organization that was officially incorporated in 2013 for professionally coached swimming clubs and professional club swimming coaches in the United States of America.  It is not an organization for all swimming clubs and swimming coaches in the United States.  The NCSA is for swimming clubs and club coaches that are independently organized and operated, not being under the direct control of any other institution.



   The objectives of the NCSA are varied and change with time.  At the present, some of the major objectives are stated in the following list.

1.To provide a formal organization to promote the professional development of club swimming in the United States.

2.To assist in the communication between the coaches of the NCSA.

3.To assist in representing the collective views, needs and positions of concerns of the NCSA members to United States Swimming, Inc.,

4.To assist in representing the collective views, needs and positions of concerns of the NCSA members to the American Swimming Coaches Association, Inc. and other institutional organization; such as the NCAA and NISCA.

5.To assure that the future situations of competition are in the best interest and meet the current needs of the NCSA members; such as age group officiating rules, USA Junior National Championships, league or conference competitions.

6.To encourage, support and assist with the creative advancement of the art and science of coaching swimming by the members of the NCSA.

7.To provide assistance to clubs in forming swimming conferences throughout the United States.

8.To assist in forming national and regional relationships and sponsorships with corporate America that will positively impacting club swimming at all levels.

9.To maximize the Internet in conducting the business operations of the association in all areas like: communication. education and decision making.

10.To assure that club athletes and coaches have international swimming opportunities in relation to their contribution to the excellence of swimming in the United States.

11.To provide motivating programs to athletes, coaches and club members of NCSA to encourage swimming excellence; such as, club camps, clinics and competitive exchanges.

12.To assist coaches in developing their athletes to the very highest level possible!

13.To assist USA Swimming. in producing the best swimming programs for the United States and contribute to the highest level of international success for the United States.

14.To assist clubs in developing post college opportunities for athletes who wish to continue training and competing for club swimming programs.

15.To assist club coaches in receiving recognition for the many years spent developing the very top swimming athletes that successfully represent the United States in international competitions.