At STREAMLINE we believe that proper technique is the basis for long-term success in the sport of swimming and that rigorous training should wait until correct technique has been acquired. We believe in slow deliberate technique practice and breaking down skills and strokes in components to teach through progressions.

In addition, we acknowledge the importance of science and how it has accelerated the development of swimming, especially in the new millennium, and believe it is paramount to stay current with scientific development in swimming in order to remain competitive as a nation at the highest level.


Mission Statement

STREAMLINE teaches swimmers of all ages efficient swim techniques to complement team training, raise awareness of the importance of technique, prevent chronic swim injuries, and aid in the process of reaching one's full potential. Ultimately, STREAMLINE hopes to positively impact the swim system as a whole by promoting prioritization of technique training based on current swim science.



STREAMLINE started out as a fun 2-week project in the summer of 2010, when founder and former European Champion Marieke Roberts flew her old coach and a world-class biomechanic over from Europe to work on technique with some of the fastest club swimmers in Texas.

Consequently, many swim parents showed interest in this type of technique training for their swimmers. A general concern about lack of technique training in the current team system of large group practice became apparent. The following summer, STREAMLINE offered its first series of swim camps for school-aged swimmers and all of the 8 one-week camp sessions offered that summer sold out. STREAMLINE was on the map as a high-quality, technique-only swim camp.

Camp STREAMLINE continued its success in 2012 and 2013. During that period, STREAMLINE also offered several 'Elite' camp sessions featuring Olympic Guest Coaches, including International Hall of Fame Coach Paul Bergen and Cullen Jones' coach Ed Nessel.

In the Fall of 2013, STREAMLINE expanded into new markets and services and now offers a full range of professional high-tech swim services to school-aged swimmers, as well as masters swimmers and triathletes.