The Hills West Waves Swim Team strives to help each child improve their swimming skills, challenge their personal best, and understand the importance of teamwork. We provide a balance between recreational and competitive swimming in a safe, fun, and supportive community environment so that each child learns, is challenged, gains a sense of accomplishment, and has fun.



Hills West Swim Team is a member of the Mountain Hi Swim League and must follow the rules and regulations of the League. The League has four Divisions A, B, C and D. Over the years, Hills West has been in different divisions. Placement in the divisions is based upon several factors: previous year’s win/loss record, the size of the team, number of All-Star qualifiers and number of All-Star participants. For the 2020 swim season, the Hills West Waves will be in the C Division and will swim against other teams within that Division.


Our philosophy at the Hills West Waves Swim Team is that learning to swim should be simple, logical, and fun. We understand that every child is different with different needs and will progress at their own pace. Allowing children to explore and make mistakes is an integral part of learning. Our excellent lifeguard-certified coaching staff is available for private as well as semi-private lessons to help your child learn to swim. Please talk with a member of our coaching staff about setting up a lesson plan for your child(ren).