The purpose of the AAY Swim Team is consistent with that of the KYCSL (Kentucky “Y” Competitive Swim League), which states:

“To provide boys and girls (ages 5-18) an opportunity to participate in supervised competitive swimming, under conditions that will promote Christian fellowship, skillful aquatic ability, systematic physical exercise, education and sportsmanship of the highest caliber.”

The program will teach fundamentals and techniques of swimming, which will enable the swimmer to compete at all levels.  Although, we enjoy winning, we hope to keep the emphasis on participation, self-discipline, self-improvement and responsibilities as a team member.


In order to be eligible to swim with the team swimmers must:

  • Be a member of the Ashland Area YMCA

  • Complete on-line registration.

  • Pay all swim team fees and keep current each month.

  • Attend required number of practices as determined by the coaching staff (please call
    i.e. sickness, excessive homework and church)

  • Be able to swim one lap of the pool of freestyle and backstroke

  • Abide by all rules as established by the staff