Wallkill Valley Swim Conference


WVSC Board Officers

George Soutter (Kittatinny), President

Bob Guth (Tranquility), Vice President

Stephen Kronski/Lauren Donohue (Tamarack), Treasurer

Alicia Berg (Kittatinny), Secretary

The Wallkill Valley Swim Conference is a summer recreational program that is committed to the development of the enjoyment of swimming while teaching responsibility, camaraderie, sportsmanship with respect for teammates and opponents, and establishing a positive attitude towards competition. Summer recreational swimming is defined as a program to encourage children to swim for self-improvement, to establish a team identity and philosophy, and to develop a love for a sport that could benefit them in the future. Coaches, parents, and swimmers are to view competition with a positive attitude whether the team or individual is victorious or not. These are children and we want them to gain from this summer recreational program is team spirit, self-worth, and a positive attitude about themselves, others, and competition.