ARAC Philosophy

Success through planning and education is the key ingredient of the Amity Regional Aquatic Club.

It is important that every level of swimming from beginning eight and unders up through senior level competition have a program designed to meet their specific developmental needs. The Coaching Staff has prepared a program that will teach sound swimming fundamentals that focuses on the sequential development of those skills and habits (such as Stroke, Start and Turn Technique, Pace and Training) that are necessary at each level and developmental stage of swimming. This five level program provides for smaller groups with workouts specifically designed for each level of swimming to insure a quality program with close attention to detail for all swimmers.

The purpose of age group swimming is to spark an interest in the sport of swimming and encourage further participation at the USA Swimming Level of competition. The focus of the age group component of A.R.A.C. is to educate swimmers and parents to the benefits of competitive swimming. Swimmer success is based on stroke improvement and practice habits and behavior. It will also provide each swimmer a structured program that will instill a sense of accomplishment for being able to meet the criteria set up by the coaches for their own personal performance.

The purpose of the Senior component of the program is to provide advanced training for those swimmers who are highly motivated and the opportunity to compete at the Regional and National levels. State of the art training technology will be available for all swimmers with the desire to reach their maximum potential. Since the A.R.A.C. program is sequential in design all swimmers will have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and achieve a high level of personal success.