2019 WAVE Sponsors


Who are the Willoughby Waves?  The Willoughby Waves are a separate entity from the Willoughby Home Owners Association and is financially supported by the swim fees collected and donations from our Corporate sponsors.  Swimmers must be residents of Willoughby Station to qualify as a member of the team.

The Willoughby Waves swim team is a member of the Nashville Swim League.   We are celebrating our 21st season.  We constantly have 80 - 90 swimmers per season.  Many of our swimmers return to the Willoughby Waves Swim Team for the summer season.  In addition we have new swimmers from the neighborhood join the team each year.  We feel it is not only important for our children to become stronger swimmers but also have a good time.  The neighborhood swim team develops teamwork skills, and builds a sense of community, not only for our swimmers, but also for their parents.  The more experienced swimmers help out with the younger/newer swimmers.  This develops strong friendships over the age groups that last for years.

Josh Tinley will be our Head Coach.    Josh lives in our neighborhood and has 3 children. Josh is a middle school teacher and coaches the middle school swim team. We are very happy to have Josh as our Head Coach. He understands swimming requires time, patience, discipline, and lots of encouragement.  

Each year many parents step up to represent the team on an administrative level. Your parent leads this year are Angel Flesher, Bree Cordes, Cylie Bitler, Dana Hix and Jerry Chalk. With the support of our sponsors we have been able to provide each registered swimmer with a Team T-shirt and a Willoughby Waves Team Swim Cap binding the children as a unified team and supportive neighbors and friends.

What is the Willoughby Waves Season?   The season is very short.  - June though July - (2 month).    There are 4 swim meets each season, three Home Meets and one Away Meet, along with a City Meet competition in the middle of July at (NAC)-Nashville Aquatics Center.  We have practice available for the swimmers 4 nights a week.   This is a great opportunity for children to be part of a team and meet some of their neighbors.  Practice attendance is optional, although swimmers need to participate it at least two meets to qualify for the City Meet.  Practice Times are by age:

 10 years & under practice from 6-7pm ;  11 years & up practice from 7-8pm

                Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. (Generally)

What league do we belong to?  We belong to the Nashville Swim League.   We will be in the A Division this year.   Please feel free to view more information on their website.


Who do I contact regarding other questions that I may have?  

Dana:  or / Phone - 615-293-6662

- OR -

Angel:   / Phone - 615-708-7080