About ElitSwim

is the next generation of swimming. Using our combination of European technique and style in tandem with American discipline and training lets us build a strong foundation for your child’s ultimate performance.

ElitSwim uses a competitive team atmosphere to create a positive learning environment. We have taken the nurturing, small group characteristics of a swim school and placed it under the knowledge and guidance of one of the top ASCA Level 5 swim coaches in the nation, Paschalis Ntatsos. This program is the next step in developing the technical, physical and mental abilities of our swimmers. We are here to bring the best of each of these athletes right at home in the Bay Area.

Why ElitSwim
Our program is dedicated to providing the opportunity and encouragement to all swimmers willing to make an uncompromised commitment to their individual success. We are here to support each swimmer’s pursuit of excellence towards attributes such as self-discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

The use of detailed, technical analysis allows us to optimize each swimmer’s stroke to promote effortless swimming while increasing speed and endurance. Custom mental and technical training programs are tailored to maximize each individual’s fullest potential inside and outside of the water.

Where We Are:

San Ramon Olympic Pool (SROP)

9900 Broadmoor Dr,

San Ramon, CA 94583


Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center (DVAC)

10550 Albion Rd,

San Ramon, CA 94582


Who We Are:

Individuals in this program are here to build character and confidence. Whether they are here to just improve their technique or to become professional athletes, our students are here to work and learn in an environment that is created to boost their potential.

Our professionally trained instructors led by world-renowned Coach Paschalis Ntatsos are here to guide your child and give them opportunities to succeed. Click here to learn more about our instructors and our founder.

When We Swim:

ElitSwim is a year-round program. During our Fall, Winter, and Spring programs we offer evening group, private, and semi-private coaching sessions. Our Summer program includes our morning, afternoon, and evening coaching sessions ranging anywhere from group conditioning to private dry-land workouts. Click Here to view our current programs by location.

How to Start:

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  "Teachers should have the capability to teach students in accordance with their aptitude."    
    What Coach Eric did to our 8-year-old son Alex inspiring him to discover his potential.
                                                                                                                                     Juanita D.


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